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When it comes to choosing a magazine for your rifle, you need something that’s accurate, reliable, and versatile. As a smart and discerning firearm enthusiast, you know to only accept the best for your rifle’s magazines. You’ll also probably want something that’s high quality, while also being modular and cost-effective. For your consideration, check out one of our favorite magazine suppliers: Accurate Mag Products.


From Tools to Tactical

Accurate Mag Products is a division of B.M.L. Tool and Manufacturing Corporation, which makes its home in Monroe, CT. Before they were in the firearm industry, this veteran-owned small business was a premier tool and die shop. This experience made them perfect for entering the rifle market with their metal-formed magazines. Now, they’ve become the world’s largest producer of precision bolt action and sniper rifle components.

The firearm components made by Accurate Mag Products are held to military grade specifications and are entirely made in America, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any lapses in quality. Popularly recognized and respected within the industry, Accurate Mag has made OEM components for huge firearm manufacturers like Savage, Remington, Ruger, and Colt rifles. They’ve even gone out of their way to work with Savage and make the first .300 and .338 Norma Magnum production rifle, showing how dedicated they are to creating the best products they can for firearm enthusiasts.


For Law Enforcement, Military, and Enthusiasts

If you have a magazine-related need, Accurate Mag will be able to fulfill it. Their centerfire rifle cartridge magazines are all based on current service configurations and comply with all military standard and NATO STANAG requirements, meaning they’re made with a hardened military quality that you can depend on.  Their magazines are built from steel, go through heat treatment, and are coated with a special Teflon finish. You’ll be getting the best-looking and toughest magazines on the market with Accurate Mag Products.


Unparalleled Variety

One of Accurate Mag’s most stand out qualities is their extremely diverse offering of caliber selection, cartridge length options, and capacity. If you have a rifle, they’ll almost definitely have a magazine that will fit it. With the largest precision centerfire rifle magazine selection in the world, you can rest assured that Accurate Mag is committed to making high-quality components for as many rifles owners as possible. They pay constant attention to quality, reliability, material, and process selection in order to create a repetitive and time-tested product with lifetime reliability.

When it comes to rifle magazines, different rifle calibers will only accept certain types. Their products allow you to choose between SSSF (single-stack, single-feed) or DSSF (double-stack, single-feed) type magazines. In regards to size, they offer WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) and Extended sized magazines, so you can choose whichever fits your needs best. They also offer a variety of magazine rounds, including 3RD, 5RD, and 10RD. You can also choose between whether or not you’d like a binder plate in your magazine; forgoing a binder plate will be good for shooting heavy, ballistically coefficient bullets, but you’ll most likely need some gunsmith modification.


Accurate Mag Products on OTM Tactical

Accurate Mag is the magazine supplier of choice when it comes to quality and variety, so OTM Tactical is proud to say that any shooting enthusiast can buy them from our store. If you’re in need of a rifle magazine and want to be assured of the highest standards on the market, check our inventory today to find what you’re looking for.

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