Ballistic Chronographs for Precision Shooters

Why Serious Precision Shooters Need a Ballistic Chronograph

The quest for perfect accuracy has been a part of firearms history since their invention. In the beginning, guns were clumsy, unreliable devices that usually had as much of a chance of blowing up in your hand than actually hitting your intended target. We're much more fortunate today— advances in technology and ballistics have provided us with firearms that people a few centuries ago couldn't picture in their wildest dreams.

Of course, the first gunsmiths knew what they wanted and over time figured out the science behind it, but the manufacturing techniques at the time were insufficient. Today, not only do we have advanced, reliable, and effective firearms, we also have the ability to upgrade, customize, and test our own rifles to an unprecedented level, all with the goal of ultimate precision shooting.

A ballistic chronograph is one such testing tool. You use it to determine muzzle velocity— the speed of a bullet when it's fired, which can help you nail down the best ammunition for your rifle's maximum effectiveness.


Why Muzzle Velocity Matters

A higher muzzle velocity means heavier bullets will travel farther before they start to lose speed. The drop in speed causes bullets to veer off, hurting accuracy. In order to gain a full understanding of why you may or may not be hitting your target, muzzle velocity needs to be considered and adjusted.

A chronograph will measure and report muzzle velocity so you'll be able to put this information to good use.


Chronographs at OTM Tactical

OTM Tactical is a retailer of only the best-quality precision shooting accessories, and we carry some of the best chronographs on the market.

MagnetoSpeed Chronographs

The MagnetoSpeed V3 is a barrel-mounted ballistic chronograph that measures bullet velocity with electromagnetic sensors. It's made to withstand not only the harsh conditions at the end of a rifle muzzle, but also random environmental factors that cause other chronographs to stop working or give wrong information. The MagnetoSpeed Sporter is a more budget-friendly version that still gives accurate readings, but doesn't come with bells and whistles that a basic shooter doesn't need.

LabRadar Ballistic Velocity Radar

LabRadar uses Doppler radar technology to accurately capture muzzle velocity. Rather than attaching to the rifle barrel, LabRadar is positioned next to the shooter and aimed in the direction of the target. Results are displayed on an LCD screen and you can download the collected data to a PC for further analysis.


Your Choice of Chronograph

MagnetoSpeed and LabRadar both have their benefits, which depend completely on your own preferences and the situation in which you'll be using your chronograph. Both provide accurate muzzle velocity readings, so your choice should revolve around your budget and whether you'd prefer your chronograph to be mounted to your barrel or positioned next to you, among the other features both brands offer.

If you want some help choosing, or need other advice about ballistic chronographs or precision shooting, you're welcome to contact OTM Tactical and we'll help you get on target!

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