Do You Need a New Scope Base?

Your scope mount is vital to the accuracy of your shots, but many beginning target shooters underestimate the level of customization you can achieve —and the precision installation needed — to really get the most from your rifle scope. Maybe it's because it looks like such a simple set of parts, no more than a base and a couple of rings. But making the wrong decision here can mess up your shots no matter how great the rest of your rifle is.>

Here are some things that can go wrong, and might help you to determine if you need to upgrade this crucial piece of shooting equipment.

Your Scope is Loose

A loose scope, even if it only moves imperceptibly, is going to mess you up without a doubt. Consider the range at which you're shooting, and how even the tiniest movement on your end is going to throw the trajectory of your bullet far off target at the other. If your scope becomes loose due to recoil or any other reason, even if you personally can't tell that it's moved much, your targeting is going to be off no matter what you do.

To avoid this problem, use only the best quality bases and rings like the ones we carry at OTM Tactical. The rings need to be sized properly for your scope and position it at the lowest comfortable height without actually touching the barrel, which brings us to another potential issue.

Your Scope is Too High or Too Low

If your scope is too low, there's no way firing your rifle won't throw it out of true or even damage it permanently. This is a problem that can generally be fixed with better rings.

If your scope is too high, your targeting reticule isn't as close to the barrel as it needs to be, which will lead to a more difficult time hitting your target. You may find your shots consistently hitting lower than you aimed. This can lead to a bad habit of overcompensating for a perceived inaccuracy in your scope, which will cause you problems when shooting with a rifle with a scope at the proper height — you'll be compensating for an issue that doesn't exist, so you'll miss high instead of low.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a scope that's too high is to install a lower base, such as this replacement Accuracy International base you can use to replace the factory base and lower your sight height.

A scope at the wrong height can also be physically uncomfortable, which is always something to avoid. Every single component of your rifle should be optimized for comfortable shooting.


OTM Tactical is here to answer your questions regarding any possible upgrade for your rifle, so feel free to contact us at any time. We'll share our knowledge and advice and help you get what you need.

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