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You could have the most advanced and accurate rifle on the market, but there is little you could use it for if you lack ammunition. Of course, poor ammo may be better than no ammo, and any serious sport shooter should shop with a focus on quality as well as quantity. In this regard, you can get more bang for your buck by buying bullets from one of the best in the business. Here is some information on Hornady, the world’s largest independent bullet manufacturer.

70 Years of Experience

Hornady is no newbie in the scene. This veteran producer, based in the prairie land of Nebraska, is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. Joyce Hornady founded his namesake company in 1949, taking advantage of post-WWII surplus supplies and machinery to create a “bullet works.” There, he and his employees would refine the design of wartime bullets until they were perfect for hunting. His goal was encapsulated in the phrase, “Ten bullets in the same hole.” The company motto captures the key traits he desired from every bullet they produced: “Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.”

Hornady Manufacturing continues to thrive, especially thanks to their constant focus on innovation and their emphasis on quality. Even though the company has grown by leaps and bounds, it remains essentially a family business, with Steve Hornady as president, his wife Marval as chairman of the board, and their son as vice president. They and the rest of the leadership and workforce are furthering the founder’s vision a full seven decades later.

Accurate, Deadly, Dependable

If you are looking for bullets that can give you a clean kill, Hornady’s well-tested and refined ammunition hit the mark perfectly. Their cartridges — including the 6.5 Creedmoor ELD-X, the 6mm Creedmoor Brass, the 6.5 Creedmoor Match, and the 6.5 PRC Brass — are especially powerful. Hornady’s technicians optimized the designs of these bullets for proper concentricity, high velocity, and uniformity. Moreover, to measure up to the company’s high-quality standards, they ensure that there is as little variation between each and every bullet produced as possible.

With that said, Hornady specializes in more than just a rifle’s projectiles. They also provide custom grade and match dies, which make reloading easier and more manageable than ever before. These pairs of dies allow you to reuse the shells. You can truly make the most out of your Hornady bullets, and firing them for the first time does not have to be the last. All of this plus the quality of the bullets themselves combine in a way that you really could aim at a target and nail ten bullets in the same hole.

Hornady MFG on OTM Tactical

Anyone who hunts for sport can kill with ease thanks to this legendary manufacturer. Joyce Hornady always had an affinity for the game, and he set out to provide the kind of ammunition that he would want on his own safaris. Now, you can buy Hornady bullets and reloading dies from OTM Tactical, and you can carry that same firepower in your arsenal. Check out our inventory today.

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