Lapua Brass: The Best for Discriminating Handloaders

Many rifle enthusiasts prefer to handload their own ammunition. Not only does it save money, it's also a process that can feel quite relaxing while at the same time making you feel a greater appreciation for shooting. Whatever your reason, OTM Tactical recommends handloading with Lapua Brass.

Why Lapua?

Lapua stands out as a great manufacturer of brass cases. Their manufacturing process is designed to produce cases that can stand up to multiple reloads and result in the consistency and uniformity that you need for precision shooting.

Lapua cases are made to withstand all the steps involved in handloading, shooting, and handloading once again. The brass is strong enough to resist any deformation that comes from being ejected, ensuring that primers can be packed tightly into them even after repeated use.  The case heads and body are drawn to an exceptional level of hardness, and the necks and shoulders are annealed to aid in overall durability. Lapua holds all steps of its manufacturing process to very high standards that result in reliable cases for your hand loaded ammunition.

Another way Lapua stands out from other manufacturers is its process for creating flash holes. Lapua cases have drilled flashholes, unlike other brass manufacturers that punch their flashholes. Punched flashholes require deburring, a step Lapua has eliminated through its usage of drilling.

About Lapua

Lapua is part of the larger Nammo group, short for Norwegian Ammunition Company. While Nammo focuses on everything from ammunition to rocket motors, Lapua's specialty is brass ammunition casings.

Lapua has reached the quality levels it prides itself on today through a rigorous research and development procedure, including first-hand feedback from precision shooters all over the world. Lapua also makes a point of using only the best raw materials to create its ammunition components, and all their casings are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they meet their high standards for quality.

Today, Lapua casings are preferred by champion target shooters everywhere. At OTM Tactical, we keep several calibers of Lapua casings in stock as part of our mission to provide the very best supplies to the world's most serious precision shooters.