McMillan Stocks and Chassis: A History in Competition

Long-range precision shooters know the satisfaction in hitting a target, whether literally or figuratively. It goes without explanation of what a literal target is, but a figurative target is a goal for yourself: a goal to become a better marksman, make better and farther shots, defeat your competition, and overall raise yourself to an ever-increasing level of skill. At OTM Tactical, this is what we're all about.

In our mission to bring you the absolute best rifle parts and accessories, we're pleased to carry McMillan stocks at low prices. These are some of the best rifle stocks in the world and truly worthy of their stellar reputation.

About McMillan

Like all the great firearm-related manufacturers, McMillan has its origins in the personal interests and passions of its founder. Gale McMillan began making his own rifle stocks in 1973 for the intense benchrest shooting competitions he participated in. He poured all his experience and knowledge into his stock designs, improving upon existing design to increase his shooting advantage. It wasn't long before other competitors began to seek him out to make rifle stocks for them as well. Then in 1975, McMillan partnered with the US Marine Corps to develop the first modern tactical rifle: the M40A1.

Today, McMillan Group International has grown to include the McMillan Machine Company, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Operator Development, and of course the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks that started it all. To this day the company focuses on using the best possible materials with a commitment to quality, customer service, and overall excellence.

Types and Colors of McMillan Stocks

McMillan manufactures a huge variety of stocks for numerous applications, including tactical, benchrest, hunting, and competition. Most of their stocks are made with a complex fiberglass layering process but they also offer an ultralight line that uses graphite. Graphite produces a 50% lighter stock that's still much stiffer and more durable than wood.

McMillan also has more colors and finishes available than any other manufacturer. In addition to a high-quality, very durable paint, McMillan also produces molded-in patterns in which a swirled or marbled finish is molded directly into the stock during manufacture.

Buying McMillan Rifle Stocks and Chassis Systems

If you were to purchase a stock directly from McMillan, you would need to wait several months because every order is a custom order. Of course, this is a fantastic way of ensuring every marksman gets exactly what he or she is looking for! But of course, it's also possible to buy an already-manufactured McMillan stock from a reliable dealer like OTM Tactical, and still get exactly what you're looking for. OTM Tactical carries a wide selection of low-priced McMillan stocks for the discerning long-range shooter, including long and short actions, stocks for the ever-popular Remington footprint, left- and right-handed or ambidextrous stocks, and more. Several molded-in color and pattern variations are also available.

Please take a look through our selection to see if any of our McMillan stocks match up with your dreams of an ideal rifle (we're betting at least one of them will!) and please feel free to contact OTM tactical with your questions.

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