OTM Tactical Custom Rifles

OTM Tactical partners with many different manufacturers to provide our customers with a massive inventory of guns and gun parts. However, we are not just a median point between them and you. We have plenty of in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the products we retail, and that knowledge comes from experience. In addition to supplying products from dozens of other companies, we also create and vend our own custom rifles. Here is some information on these state-of-the-art machines, as well as how we apply our expertise to design something that any shooting enthusiast might want in their arsenal.

A Little About Us

We at OTM Tactical always strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience: rifle enthusiasts who want weapons that enable them to excel. Our greatest asset for this is that our company was founded by genuine competitive shooters, including Mark Rosset. We all have plenty of experience with rifles: using them, customizing them, replacing parts for them, and especially wishing they could work better. Our founders must have spent a great deal of time with that latter part.

They eventually created an online business committed to making the best of the best available to those who wanted nothing less. Eventually, they took this even further and started creating the builds they always wished they could own. Whether we are designing our own rifles or choosing which ones we should supply from other manufacturers, you can rest assured that we take your needs into account. OTM Tactical provides weapons by discerning rifle users and for discerning rifle users.

Customized, Optimized, Accessorized

We currently offer two distinct custom rifles on our site, with more to come as we get creative. The OTM MPA combines the Masterpiece Arms BA COMP chassis and the Omega short action to create a long and powerful weapon. Meanwhile, the OTM Magpul uses Magpul Hunter stocks and magazines — while boasting a 22-inch barrel that is excellent for tactical shooting. Both of these mad-scientist designs combine the best parts of other rifles, creating Frankenstein monsters that strike fear in competitors.

In addition to these one-of-a-kind and fully-built rifles, we also offer accessories under our own brand. OTM Tactical supplies “Twillin’ Out” twill patches of different sizes, for cleaning any of your rifles. We even provide barrel cool, with our logo on the containers. Naturally, if you want to replenish your supply of these accessories or replace any parts for the rifles themselves, you can quickly find what you want within our inventory.

Custom Rifles at OTM Tactical

These custom rifles are an extension of OTM Tactical’s pledge to give rifle enthusiasts access to the top rifles, replacement parts, and accessories available. Our designs are all drawn from our own experiences and desires. We believe they can fill a gap in your collection that you might not even know you have. If you want to see what we bring to the table, OTM Tactical’s custom rifles are available to order. Try them out today!


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