OTM Tactical — An Autobiography

We love to highlight our partners on the OTM Tactical blog. These featured manufacturers include (but are not limited to) Bartlein Barrels, Hornady Manufacturing, and Accuracy International. We especially describing them because they happen to be among the best and brightest manufacturers of rifle and rifle parts in the field.

With that said, we would like to take the opportunity to share something about ourselves. There is plenty of information about OTM Tactical that some may find quite interesting. Here are some facts about who exactly we are and what exactly we do.


        On The Mark

Who We Are

On the Mark Group, Inc. was established in 2013 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida. The founders — Mark Rosset and Bryan Richman — are professional shooters. This means that they know the challenges that professional shooters face in competition, plus the qualities that their customers look for in their rifles. After struggling to find great rifle parts at reasonable prices, they decided to create a store whose products are always “on the mark.”

As regular readers likely already know, our online store carries thousands of rifles and rifle parts from popular manufacturers. We decide which products they will sell not just by arguing in meetings, but by testing them on the range. The On the Mark Group motto states, “If we won’t use it, we won’t sell it.” OTM Tactical is proud to be a leading provider of products for professional shooters.


on the mark sharpshooters

OTM Tactical Sharpshooters

Having said that, and with respect to our brilliant friends in the industry, there is more to us than selling other people’s creations. In fact, we also offer our own creations, designed and produced with great care and attention. All our knowledge and experience goes into each new rifle build we craft. Our unique OTM Tactical custom rifles can be purchased right on our online store.

In addition to the ones we offer under our own name, we also offer products from Exodus Rifles. Joe Walls, OTM Tactical partner and the shooting world’s own “Peoples Champ,” runs this full-service shop. He also produces the custom rifle builds himself, based on the specifications that his clients request. If you have an idea of what you want from your rifle, Exodus can make it a reality.

Of course, a gun is only as good as the person wielding it. We at On the Mark Group enjoy educating our customers, which is why we have this blog in the first place. That is why we are currently planning to share our expertise in a more hands-on fashion, with OTM Tactical Firearms Training. These classes will explore a broad range of topics in Precision L/R rifle practices, and graduates will receive CWP certification. Keep a close eye on our website for more information.


If you learned something new about us, then this article has achieved its aim. Feel free to check out any of our company’s services, from the nascent Firearms Training page to the custom rifle builds by Exodus Rifles. Finally, visit our store and get a glimpse at our massive selection of products — all tested for quality and approved by the pros behind OTM Tactical.

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