Rifle Accessories at OTM Tactical

Let's say you've built your perfect rifle — chosen the best stock, barrel, and trigger for your prime shooting preferences. What's next? You'd be looking at rifle accessories to give you a new edge in precision, and maybe give yourself some additional options suited to hunting, competition, or whatever interests you in the shooting world. At OTM Tactical, we have the accessories you might be looking for to kit out your rifle, and we have the supplies you need to keep it going.



With greater stability comes greater accuracy, and stability is exactly what a rifle bipod provides. Hunters love them for the added ability to line up a shot and hold their aim for long periods, and naturally, they're bread and butter for snipers. The best adjustable rifle bipods are available at OTM Tactical, from manufacturers like Atlas and Harris. We also have bipod rails and mounts, and hawk talons for improved grip on the ground.

Harris Bipods


Optics are probably the first accessory a precision target shooter will look into, and OTM Tactical has a variety of high-quality rifle optics at great prices. We carry Nightforce and Vortex scopes suitable for a range of budgets, and whichever you choose will be a fantastic aid to any target shooting application from hunting to competition.

Of course, we also have scope rings for attaching your rifle optics just right.

 Optics and Scopes


A rifle sling is far more than just a strap over your shoulder, and it can either help or hinder you in the field. OTM Tactical carries FTW Rifle Slings developed with years of research and field experimentation at Rifles Only. We're confident these are the best rifle slings available. If you've used an inferior sling before, you'll definitely never go back to it after experiencing one of these.

 Rifle Slings

Mats, Bags, and Cases

Transport of your rifle is just as important as transport of any other valuable possession, and a good hard case may ease your mind about both storing and moving your firearm. We have some excellent rifle hard cases and bags in our miscellaneous shooting accessories, along with mats and other useful items. Take a look and you might see something you need.

 Rifle Cases

Rifle Cleaning Supplies

You've probably made a significant investment putting your rifle together, but even if you're just starting out and haven’t delved into deep customization yet, you still need to take good care of it. There's no such thing as a rifle that doesn't need to be cleaned. OTM Tactical has all the rifle cleaning supplies you need to get it done easily and done well.

 Rifle/Gun Cleaners

More Rifle Parts and Accessories

Make sure you check out the rest of our online catalog if you're in need of any other accessories or parts for your rifle. We have a great deal of precision shooting experience here at OTM Tactical, so you can be sure that any product you purchase from us will work as advertised, exactly as you need it to. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us.

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