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Schmidt & Bender Rifle Optics Raise the Bar for Performance

OTM Tactical is always looking to expand our selection of top-tier rifle upgrades for discerning precision shooters everywhere. Whether your focus is primarily on hunting, target shooting, or tactical competition, we make it our goal to have what you need. But what is it about Schmidt & Bender that makes their rifle scopes so highly regarded?

Let's take a quick look at the company.


Why Schmidt & Bender Rifle Scopes?

Schmidt & Bender (also called S&B) began as a family business in 1957 and immediately started a tradition of quality, precision, and innovation. Today, they are still family-owned and continue to develop rifle scopes for the increasing demands of the modern precision shooting market, whether for hunting, competition, or military and law enforcement use.


In keeping with S&B's tradition for high standards and attention to detail, the majority of the assembly process is done by hand. This is the primary reason there are fewer S&B scopes on the market at any given time than those of their competitors — the company focuses on quality over quantity. Careful assembly, demanding manufacturing standards, resilience through harsh conditions, and consistently high performance are why S&B optics are popular not just among hunters and target shooters but also Special Ops units.

 History & Experience

Throughout the company's history, Schmidt & Bender has always worked closely with shooters of every stripe to produce rifle scopes to meet the exact demands of expert marksmen in every environment. Each design goes through a great deal of testing for performance and durability, resulting in some of the absolute best rifle scopes in the world today.


This has led to the development of innovative features like multiple-coating optics finishes, reticle illumination with an automatic switch-off function, and integrated rails for attachment. As Schmidt & Bender proceeds into its third generation, the company shows no sign of letting up on its mission to exceed all expectations.

Ultra Short Rifle Scope


Buying a Schmidt & Bender Rifle Scope

OTM Tactical carries Schmidt & Bender rifle optics at great prices. Our selection includes S&B's 5-20x50 PMII Ultra Short scope, which is the shortest rifle scope in the world, perfect for shooters working with a compact weapon or trying to keep their rifle as light as possible. Check out our catalog and choose the best for you — it will be worth it.

To that end, we're proud to be a supplier of Schmidt & Bender rifle optics, as in our experienced opinion, they're some of the best on the market. You'll find Schmidt & Bender scopes gracing the rifles of competition and military shooters in some of the most demanding venues. 


 Schmidt Bender Optics

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