The Excellence of Norma USA Brass

At OTM Tactical we cater to all types of precision shooters, including the discriminating handloader. We’ve discussed handloading and its benefits before (see Reload! OTM Tactical's Fine Selection of Reloading Brass), and we’re happy to have excellent brass like Norma USA in our catalog. Norma cases stand up to years of repeated use and numerous reloads, and still perform with the accuracy and consistency a serious marksman would expect.

Here’s a quick rundown of Norma cases and what makes them exceptional.

Serious Quality

Rifle cartridge casings look simple but they’re actually extremely complex. They’re far more than a simple brass tube, and the brass itself needs to vary in a few ways over the length of the case. Norma cases are annealed at the neck to make the brass softer, which aids in holding the bullet and prevents gas leaks. As you move down over the body, the brass is hard enough to prevent stretching, but not hard enough to crack. All the way down at the primer pocket, the brass is at its hardest — almost twice the hardness of the neck.

As you can imagine, the specific hardnesses at different points and their relation to each other are crucial to the case’s function and longevity, and Norma has this difficult craftsmanship down to a science. They back it up with strict quality control, including manual and visual inspections of every case to ensure they meet some extremely unforgiving tolerances.

Norma also provides some insight as to why brass is ideal for cartridge casings: brass composed of 70-72% copper (the rest being zinc, of course) is tough enough to keep the whole cartridge together and stand up to the rigors of being shot, ejected, and reused. Harder metals like steel cause additional tool wear and softer metals like aluminum have less strength, plus both have problems with oxidation. This makes brass the perfect casing material — especially the way Norma manufactures it.


Buying Norma Brass

We’re pleased to carry Norma brass cases at OTM Tactical with pricing you can’t beat. Our selection covers several calibers suitable for hand loaded ammunition for a variety of firearms, including Winchester, Springfield, Mags, SAUM, and more. Of course, all casings can be reloaded and used multiple times. If you’re looking for high-quality cases for handloading ammunition for hunting, target shooting, or competition, Norma is a solid choice and will serve you well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about precision shooting or more specific questions about your rifle and ammunition!