New Calvin Elite Trigger
After years of running Jewell triggers I had the chance to try a new Timney Calvin Elite trigger at Shot Show 2014. I have always loved the Jewell trigger but as a tactical match shooter have had my spells of failures in the elements as I think most serious shooters will attest. 

After hearing the buzz from some of the guys in the community about the new Calvin Elite trigger. I had Timney Triggers at the top of my schedule for SHOT. After meeting with the folks at Timney and speaking with, the head of R/D, Calvin Motley, in-depth about the trigger and the design and engineering behind it I was warming up to the Koolaid. 

Timney had a nice display with a many of the top sellers mounted to test rifles for shooters and enthusiasts to try. After cycling that Remington action 20-30 times I was very impressed with the feel of the trigger. The trigger broke very clean and crisp and was very consistent. In my opinion, many of the new triggers of today, even some of the new production runs of the top triggers lack consistency in the break. The Calvin Elite is different, the guys at Timney are doing a great job on Quality Control and ensuring these triggers are top tier. 

As of now, we have a few of the team guys from K/M Precision Rifle Training running this trigger with great success on everything from Surgeon to Defiance builds. In closing, the Timney Calvin Elite will be the number one trigger you see on precision tactical rifles as long as Timney sticks to their guns on quality control and production standards. 
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