Timney Ar-15 Trigger, a One-Piece Drop in Trigger

As a Marine grunt, you don't always get the best gear, but rather hand-me-downs that have been beaten to death by the Army already. So needless to say, my experience with M-16/AR-15 triggers has been somewhat frustrating. There's nothing that can ruin your experience with a rifle more than a long, sloppy trigger, but that all changed for me this past weekend. 

After work on Friday, with the help of Mark Rosset, I finally upgraded my standard mil-spec trigger with Timney's skeletonized, 3-pound single stage trigger. With it being a true, one-piece drop in trigger, the installation was smoother than I imagined, and the trigger was even smoother. For me, the days of slowly squeezing a mil-spec trigger with no real idea when firing will take place are long gone. 

I test ran it over the weekend in a local 2 gun match, engaging targets as close as 10 feet and out to a hair over 200 yards. I couldn't be happier, and neither could the guys that had a chance to run my gun. The break was very crisp and short, and I shot better consistently than I had in the past. I have already and will continue to recommend the trigger to anyone looking to upgrade to a better one.

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