Timney Triggers, Reloaded

There are two kinds of rifle owners. One kind is content with how their rifle works from the moment they purchase it. Another kind prefers to modify it, chasing an ideal and optimizing it to its fullest potential.

For the hardcore enthusiasts comprising the latter type, there are manufacturers that specialize in designing and selling a single part of the rifle — such as the trigger. We have written about Timney Triggers before, but we do not quite feel like we did justice to their work. Here is some more information on the esteemed manufacturer and their products.

Postwar Production

World War II was such a large-scale conflict that the United States military needed more weapons and supplies than for any previous war. Factory production boomed between the Pearl Harbor attacks and the surrender of the Axis Powers. The end of the war left the nation with a surplus in military rifles, among other items. Shooting enthusiasts were eager to convert these guns from wartime weapons to peacetime sporting goods.

One such enthusiast was Allen Timney, who believed that the designs of the triggers used for military rifles could be markedly improved in several ways. For one, the preset ones were tougher to pull than sport shooters may like. For another, it was tough to even install, let alone use.

Timney proved to be more proactive than most about the optimization that could be done. Just one year after V-E and V-J Day, the man founded Timney Triggers. All these decades later, the Arizona-based manufacturer remains the home of “The World’s Finest Triggers.”

timney trigger calvin elite rem 700

Drop-In Triggers

The signature element of Timney Triggers products is the single-stage drop-in trigger. This state-of-the-art design, found in items like the Calvin Elite and the HIT Trigger, is extremely simple to install into a rifle. It simply slides in and uses the trigger and hammer pins of the rifle to stay in place. Problems like slack and pin rotation are all but gone thanks to excellent engineering. This type of trigger is compatible with a variety of rifles and handguns, making them even more convenient for the average competitive shooter.

Speaking of variety, Timney is also known for producing scores of different triggers. The differences may seem subtle, but they can make a world of difference based on the customer’s personal preferences. They even produce right-handed and left-handed triggers. On that note, everything Timney pumps out is made by hand as part of their absurdly high-quality standards. They really are the consummate manufacturer, basing their creations entirely on what they believe someone who shoots for sport or fun would appreciate.

timney the hit trigger

Timney Triggers at OTM Tactical

Here at OTM Tactical, we have our own set of absurdly high-quality standards. We only offer products if we tested and approved them ourselves, and Timney Triggers hit the mark. More than 70 years after its founding, they still produce top-notch items that any shooting fan would appreciate.

Our inventory includes plenty of the company’s adjustable and drop-in triggers. They are available for several different makes and models of rifles, including the AR-10 and the Remington 700. Check out the differences between them and find the right match for you today.

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