Upgrade Your Rifle with a High-Performance Action

Upgrade Your Rifle with a High-Performance Action

It's only a matter of time before the serious precision shooter looks into upgrading their rifle's action. Smoother operation and increased accuracy are both appealing for every shooting situation — tactical, hunting, competition, and more.

The difference between long and short action is pretty subjective except for the size of the rifle cartridge — obviously, long actions use longer ammunition, but there's some debate as to how this affects accuracy especially when combined with other factors. One thing to remember is that short-action rifles tend to be shorter overall, which can make them easier to handle if that's your preference.

OTM Tactical carries some of the best actions on the market, from prestigious manufacturers listed here.


Defiance Machine

Defiance Machine has a background in competitive shooting and designs their actions with modern technology including 3D computer modeling. With over 20 years of experience in action design, Defiance builds some of the best rifle actions on the market. OTM Tactical stocks Deviant Tactical and Deviant Hunter actions from Defiance Machine in both long- and short- action lengths, and right- and left-handed variants.

 Deviant Actions


Surgeon's name reflects their commitment to quality: surgical precision. With an integrated rail and recoil lug as well as anti-bind and anti-jam considerations, competitive shooters find Surgeon actions smooth, reliable, and a real favorite on the range. They are available in both long- and short-actions from OTM Tactical.

 Surgeon Actions

GA Precision

The GA Precision Tempest action was designed for competitive tactical long-range matches and manufactured by Defiance Machine. Built to be rugged and dependable, the Tempest can be commonly found in the custom rifle builds of serious precision shooting competitors.

 GA Precision Tempest Action


Kelbly is prominent in the bench rest shooting community and has introduced the Atlas Tactical Action for tactical shooters, making use of information and advice from tactical shooting enthusiasts who know better than anyone what they need from their rifle's action. The Atlas is a rugged action that maintains functionality even in the rough, dirty conditions of tactical competition use.

 Kelbly Tactical Atlas Action

OTM Tactical also carries replacement bolt knobs and an assortment of action wrenches for further customization. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!



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