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XLR Evolution, Carbon & Envy Rifle Chassis


Choosing a rifle chassis is an involved process with tons of variables to consider. How much weight can you handle, and how light is too light for you? Where will you be shooting and how hazardous will the environment be to the materials used in your rifle stock's construction? What length of pull do you need? What trigger, action, barrel, etc. are you going to use? Which accessories might you want to attach? The list goes on. And once you've gone through all that, and finally arrived at the ideal platform for your dream rifle, you might suddenly hit another wall: price!

Well, we have some good news: rifle chassis systems by XLR may solve all your problems at an affordable price. Read on to learn why we at OTM Tactical feel XLR is a groundbreaking addition to our selection of top-tier rifle upgrades.


What is XLR?

XLR Industries is a revolutionary Colorado-based manufacturer of rifle chassis and accessories. Their rifle platforms have consistent results for high performance and are used by champion shooters in all types of competitions. XLR uses high-grade materials like carbon fiber and aluminum to build rifle chassis systems that are strong, reliable, and lightweight.

Carbon fiber is known for its resilience against chemicals, severe weather, and temperature, and also has the stiffness needed for a rifle chassis without a great deal of weight. Aluminum is also very tough, resistant to temperature and pressure changes, and extremely light for such a tough substance. Both carbon fiber and aluminum are known for their use in aerospace technology, where they've proven themselves time and again to be able to stand up to the worst possible conditions. XLR Industries has made both accessible to precision shooters at affordable prices.

At OTM Tactical, we carry three types of XLR chassis, each of which is notable for its performance.


XLR Evolution Chassis

The Evolution was XLR's first rifle chassis design and is still a favorite. It's manufactured from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, which is an alloy containing very small amounts of silicon, magnesium, chromium and trace amounts of other elements. 6061 T-6 alloy is subjected to precipitation hardening, a heat treatment method that enhances strength. It's known for industrial-grade usage in a variety of applications where strength and resilience are of utmost importance.

The XLR Evolution chassis package has an integrated box magazine system compatible with AICS pattern magazines. It supports a wide variety of triggers and most aftermarket accessories. The weight is around 34 ounces without the buttstock and grip, varying slightly based on the inlet. At OTM Tactical, we carry the Evolution Chassis with Tactical Stock, which is one of XLR's most popular buttstock designs. The Tactical stock has an adjustable length of pull between 12 and 15 inches, as well as an adjustable cheek rest height and recoil pad height and cant. The buttstock's weight is 27 ounces, bringing the chassis weight to just under 4 pounds. A variety of actions are available.


XLR Carbon Chassis

The XLR Carbon chassis package utilizes all the benefits of carbon fiber to bring you a relentlessly durable rifle chassis that's even lighter in weight than the Evolution. It has similar compatibilities and versatility as the Evolution. OTM Tactical has low-priced XLR Carbon Chassis with Tactical Lite stock, which is lighter in weight than the Tactical stock with similar adjustability. You have a choice of action inlets as well. The XLR Carbon chassis system brings rifle design to the next level and looks awesome, too.


XLR Envy Chassis

We think the Envy chassis got its name because of the feelings it inspires in shooters who don't have one to call their own. Developed through years of cooperation with some of the world's best precision shooters, the Envy chassis system is truly innovative and extremely customizable. Made from the same type of aluminum as the Evolution, the Envy chassis has a further improved AICS box magazine well and an integrated 5.5 inch picatinny rail on the bottom of the handguard. It also has 5 built-in QD sling sockets placed in strategic locations.

The forend is enhanced with an integrated 1.5 inch dovetail mount which allows the chassis to be used with a camera tripod with no risk of coming loose. That's not even the full extent of the features that are standard on this chassis — for starters, there's also an integrated (and removable) bubble level to help you keep your rifle canted accurately. The weight of the chassis (without a buttstock or grip) is about 35 ounces, again with slight differences depending on the action inlet, but if you want it a bit heavier it's also available with a Heavy Fill Option. This chassis is the ultimate in customization!

OTM Tactical carries the lightweight XLR Envy Chassis with Tactical Stock at the best price. Choose from 700SA/DeviantM, Surgeon 591, or Impact Precision actions.


Choose Your XLR

If after reading this article you feel that an XLR rifle chassis system is right for you, you're probably right! Check out our selection of low-priced XLR rifle chassis packages, chosen by OTM Tactical for their features and performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our knowledgeable experts will help you decide.

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