MDT AICS Polymer Magazine 223 10 Rnd
MDT AICS Polymer Magazine 223 10 Rnd

MDT AICS Polymer Magazine 223 10 Rnd

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MDT Detachable box magazines are designed to fit the MDT TAC21 and LSS Chassis systems, as well as many other M24 type chassis and bottom metals. Manufactured from high quality Polymer and uses a tempered steel spring. Available in .223 and .308

The .223 magazine works flawlessly with .300 Blackout. Also works well with the Tikka T3 (AICS Polymer does not work with Tikka T3)

We put our magazines through vigorous testing. We have used high quality strength polymer with a high glass content to ensure durability and strength. Although not unbreakable, we have driven over these magazines with cars and trucks which did not break them.


.308 magazine: 8 rounds 
.223 magazine: 10 rounds

MAX OAL .223: 2.550"
MAX OAL .308: 2.800"


Our magazines are guaranteed to work in our TAC21, LSS, LSS-XL and HS3 chassis systems.
Based on customer feedback, the following systems work well with our magazines, but fitting may be required in some cases.

Accuracy International Chassis (Not using the AI action)
XLR Chassis
KRG X-Ray - Some need adjustment.
GRS riflestocks
CDI Precision bottom metals
Pacific tool and Gauge bottom metals

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