Muzzle Brakes: APA Little Bastard vs. Area 419 Hellfire

What do you think of muzzle brakes? They have their share of detractors, but they also have plenty of fans, especially in the sporting scene. The ever-reliable Precision Rifle Blog points out that people who do not use muzzle brakes or even suppressors are squarely in the minority.

The real question, then, might just be, “Which muzzle brake do you prefer?” Referring to data from Precision Rifle Blog once more, the most popular brands by a massive margin are American Precision Arms and Area 419. Here is some information on how their respective muzzle brakes stack up with each other.

Installing the Brakes

Easy installation, as well as removal, are ideal for all parts of the rifle. If you want to swap them out or simply clean and maintain them, you want these processes to be as quick as possible. Luckily, both the APA Little Bastard and the Area 419 Hellfire are self-timing. Most types of muzzles can easily accommodate these brakes.

Although both are simple to install, there are some differences. The Hellfire is truly tool-free thanks to its universal adapter. As Precision Rifle Blog describes it, this adapter “keeps the brake from turning as you torque the collar to lock.” However, you may still want to tighten it with tools as an additional preventative measure. Meanwhile, Little Bastard requires exactly one tool: a crescent wrench, to tighten exactly one nut.

Dealing with Report

Muzzle brakes divert gases out to the side of the barrel, which reduces recoil and improves aim. However, it can also potentially blast noise, heat, and even some debris to anyone next to you. Many people who have used both APA and Area 419’s systems claim that the latter is better than the former when it comes to this.

With that said, “report,” as it is called, is a quality common to any muzzle brake. They may divert air in such a way that it makes shooting easier, but those gases still have to go somewhere.


APA Little Bastard and Area 419 Hellfire definitely diverge in some ways. With that said, they are not all that different — and not just because both names use colorful language. Both of these self-timing systems were designed by professionals with the purpose of limiting recoil, and both succeed.

Whether you install one or the other, your shooting will be markedly upgraded. If you are a competitor, the effects of the muzzle brake will reflect in your scores. Just ask any brake-employing competitive shooters: the overwhelming majority will recommend either APA or Area 419.

High-Quality Muzzle Brakes at OTM Tactical

We at OTM Tactical consider ourselves professional shooters. We strive to give our fellow rifle fans any tools they might need or want for competition, hunting, or their own leisure. That is why we are proud to offer muzzle brakes from not one but two excellent manufacturers. You can find different models of the Area 419 Hellfire and the American Precision Arms “Bastard” lines in our online inventory, and at reasonable prices. Order today and see what a life with less recoil is like.

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