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When you fire a rifle, the intense forces and gases propelling the bullet out of the barrel can also push the gun back into you and push the muzzle upward. This can result in injury, as well as a missed shot. Many gun owners accept these inadvertent motions as an inherent part of using guns. However, whether you are competing in target shooting or hunting for sport, you will want to do anything you can to reduce your chances of missing. Area 419’s most notable devices exist to resolve the issues of muzzle rise and recoil.

Hellfire TBAC CB Gen 2

What is Area 419?

Even as a child, Jon Addis liked to tinker with complex machines. For a long time, his specialty was in motorized vehicles, from go-karts to ATVs. During his twenties, he worked for Gander Outdoors and developed an interest in threading barrels for rifles. Addis found it so fascinating that he went ahead and put together his own company, Area 419. Now, he creates custom rifle builds and provides discerning shooting enthusiasts with a variety of refined and innovative parts and accessories.

In little over a decade, Area 419 has already made a name for itself within its field. To illustrate, Precision Rifle Blog found that Area 419’s Hellfire Self-Timing Muzzle Brake was among the most popular muzzle brakes in the professional shooting scene. Even with that achievement in his record, Addis continues tinkering. Now, you can see watch him work through his YouTube channel, where he also uploads videos demonstrating how to use his products.

Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Brake 2

Areas of Expertise

Area 419 can outfit enthusiasts with the Hellfire Self-Timing Brake System. Such systems divert the gases in ways that lessen recoil and counter muzzle rise. Tests with 6.5 Creedmoor test rifles show that Hellfire can reduce recoil by a whopping 52%, more than most other muzzle brakes. On top of that, Area 419’s signature system is self-timed, meaning it can be made to fit most any muzzle without need for tools. This makes for easy installation to your rifle of choice.

Addis’s innovations do not end there, either. Their ARCALOCK Dovetail Rail System is designed as a major improvement over existing rail technology. You can clamp down the rail so that it is locked in place mechanically rather than through friction. That way, it will not easily loosen under pressure and your sights (or other accessories) will stay in place.

Hellfire Brake Adapter 5/8-24

Area 419 on OTM Tactical

If you want to triumph over your competitors, you cannot just get “a good rifle.” You need a rifle with all of the best parts. At OTM Tactical, we strive to provide not just a wide variety of options, but the most optimal options for dedicated rifle enthusiasts. That is why we supply a slew of products from Area 419, including their world-famous brake systems, brake adapters, and universal barricade rail kits. You do not have to accept recoil and muzzle rise as part of life. Put them in the past with Area 419, available at OTM Tactical.

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