Bartlein Barrels

When it comes to choosing a rifle barrel, you have so many options available that making a decision on what to buy can be difficult. Of course, discerning shooting enthusiasts tackle the challenge head-on, knowing that being highly selective is worthwhile for the results. You need to find one made by a manufacturer whose quality standards — for accuracy, technical proficiency, uniformity, ease of use, and more — are even higher than yours. For your consideration, here is some information on Bartlein Barrels, Inc. and their creations.

Going Above and Beyond

Bartlein’s dedication to their craft is evident in the twist rates of their machinery, which are so precise that their measurements uniformly extend to an astounding four decimal points. Most of their competitors cannot get that far, or at least not with total confidence. These fractions of fractions can make a significant difference, potentially making or breaking a shot. It is a testament to Bartlein’s obsession with accuracy.

Speaking of accuracy, Bartlein specializes in single-point cut-style rifling. Even though this type of rifling takes more time than other methods, the barrels produced with it are far more precise and well worth the effort. This manufacturer also handles both types of hand-lapping, with the actual rifling done in between. This combination of pre-lapping and finish-lapping results in a finely honed barrel, capable of far more than if only one kind were done. Bartlein has gotten as far as it has by going the extra mile in manufacturing their barrels, and enthusiasts like you can also reap the benefits.

An Unbeatable Reputation

If you are interested in hearing another opinion in addition to ours, look no further than a shocking number of the top markspeople in the world. According to research by Precision Rifle Blog, Bartlein’s barrels are the most popular among competitive shooters by an overwhelming majority. In 2018, about twice as many professionals used their products than the next leading brand. This is not isolated to one year, either, but has been the case since Precision Rifle Blog started documenting the barrels used by the pros in 2012.

This incredible lead over the competition cannot simply be dismissed as a case of slick branding. Bartlein creates their barrels through rigorous standards and effortful methods, mixed with an embrace of technological innovation and computer assistance. With all this at their disposal, they produce a wide variety of barrels that vary just enough to suit different people’s preferences, yet remain consistent in their accuracy and performance. The fact that so many people use them in the competitive shooting scene, a fact that has been true for years, really speaks for itself.

Bartlein Barrels on OTM Tactical

Bartlein Barrels are the barrels of choice for many, and OTM Tactical is always eager to provide shooting enthusiasts with what they want and what they need. That is why we offer more than 30 different samples of their work on our online store. If accuracy is a major priority, then your search for the right barrel ends here. See why so many people love Bartlein and shop with us today.

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