Why Benchmade knives are more than just a name

Only a few people in this world like carrying a pocket knife. For them, it’s not just an ordinary tool, but more like an extended part of their body. If you are one of those enthusiasts, chances are you have heard about the brand, ‘Benchmade’. 

The market is saturated with brands giving cut-throat competition to each other. Given the high priced products of this brand, a natural question arises ‘whether Benchmade knives are worth the price’. And this is why ahead we have discussed reasons why Benchmade knives are worth their price and more than just a name. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

History of Benchmade Knives

The company has a long history that began more than 30 years ago. Initially Les, the man who started it all incorporated ‘Bali Song’, a company that manufactured custom, Balis. Thereafter the company expanded its production and started manufacturing fixed blades and conventional folding knives. Then for seven years, it manufactured cutting-edge products however in 1987 the company had to be dissolved due to factors such as delivery, price, and likes. 

The failure didn’t stop Les, and he was more than determined to implement the knowledge into his new venture. Finally, in 1988, the ‘Benchmade’ was incorporated with a resolution to build products with a fusion of ‘precision of machines’ and artistry of ‘human hands’. The company made precision parts but with hand assembly on the finished products. Cut to the present times, Benchmade focuses on innovation, customer needs, and business ethics. 

The past 30 years have been a roller coaster ride for Benchmade. However, as per the company officials and customers, there has been undoubted consistency in quality. 

Reasons why Benchmade knives are worth it

Arguably, the knives and products made by the company do lower the weight of the pocket. But still, sales figures show it hardly has any effect on the mindset of the customer. Here are some reasons why this is the case:

  • Excellent Build Quality

Any knife enthusiast knows the importance of build quality. This quality is indispensable for any product to taste success, more so in the case of pocket knives. As the parts of Benchmade products are assembled by high-tech machinery and trained technicians, the quality is ensured. 

There are minimal awkward or weak spots present in the whole structure and framework which ensures the quality is consistent throughout the product. 

  • Premium Materials Utilized

From using ‘CPM-20CV stainless steel blade’ that offers excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance to using ‘sandblasted titanium handles’ for excellent strength to weight ratio for great performance, Benchmade makes sure no subpart materials are used. 

This is because of their belief that any discrepancy or poor craftsmanship deters customers in long run. The customer while buying a product may be impressed seeing the prima-facie quality, however, if it doesn’t stay for a long time, the trust of that customer would never be the same. Benchmade focuses on churning out products with a long term view. 

The upfront costs may be high for the customer to pay, however, in the long run, no one everyone realizes that the price was worth the quality. 

  • Made for Every day

While the heavy-duty build of the knife is apt for camping and emergency uses, the fine quality won’t erode even after using the knife every day. The lightweight design and reduced profile make them ideal for pretty much everything. While every knife in their inventory is capable of being used daily, we suggest sorting out what you require and selecting a knife that is made for that specific purpose. 

The company has classified knives into several types. They are suitable for different purposes such as hunting, skinning, fishing, camping, utility, and everyday use. We suggested browsing our store, OTM Tactical for the same. We have compiled 27 of the best Benchmade knives available on the internet. The number 27 is good enough to give you a wide range of choices, and at the same time prevent you from diving into the sea of confusion. 

  • Reputable Company

You can buy any counterfeit, first copy knife, or for that matter any product in the market. While it may look the same and get people to admire you, it won’t give you the satisfaction that one gets after using an authentic product. The other thing is, some brands carry their charm, and using their products not only makes us feel more premium but also gives a feeling of fraternity and association of being a proud customer of the brand. 

Whenever you see another knife enthusiast, you’ll have a topic to talk about. Not only this, your friends and family would be impressed by seeing your collection of the branded knife too.

  • Long-lasting and durable

The knives are assured to last a long time. They can tolerate a fair amount of grit and abuse too, apart from normal wear and tear. We suggest taking good care of them to extract out highest utility from them. If your knife needs repair or servicing anytime, you can bring it back to us and we’ll deal with it without any cost. Benchmark’s lifetime product warranty takes care of any grievances that a customer might be having. The lifetime warranty is a testament to the fact that the brand believes in its products and ethics. 

  • American Made Product

Benchmade knives are made in America and give the ultimate American feeling. America made stainless steel further ensures that you get the best quality available out there on the earth. 

Buying the best Benchmade Knives

Having talked about the features and benefits of owning one, now let us re-tell you that you can buy the best Benchmade knives on our store, OTM Tactical. We specialize in dealing with arms, ammunition, knives, stocks, magazines, optics, and everything tactical. Connect with us today to get the best quality products on the internet. We’ll be happy to serve you.