The Difference McMillan stocks make to your rifle

When it comes to personalized rifles, nothing beats custom stocks. And those stocks are from McMillan - a nearly 50-year-old institution - you are in for a win. McMillion Stocks has various colours and customization that has many rifle enthusiasts salivating. But the value of these products lies in more than just window dressing.

With the right combination of customization and a great place to buy the stocks from, you can seriously enhance your shooting at 100 yards, with the shots being closer to each other by a quarter, even half an inch. It is a minor improvement in the short-range. But at a long-range, the enhancements they provide become more apparent.

And, if you want the style and the substance, you can get customizations for both.

I mean, why bother with standard stocks when you can get one tailored to the way you hold your weapon. Moreover, Most McMillan Stocks are ambidextrous. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right-handed. With McMillan, you’re going to have a productive day at the shooting range.

So, it is safe to say that the difference that MacMillan stocks make to your rifle is huge.

But how huge are we talking?

Let’s find out.

MacMillan stocks give your rifle a different feel.

Before we dive into the difference, let’s take a brief look at the rich history of MacMillan stocks. Established in the 70s, the ubiquity of the MacMillan grew at a breakneck speed. And now, almost everyone in the world, from military to competitive shooters, rely on the stocks of this institute to give comfort, safety and the ultimate trigger satisfaction.

But enough talking in abstracts, let’s take a look at the real deal.

As soon as you put the stock on an old gun, you’re committing the act of revitalizing your own weapon. With the fibreglass stock of this company, which you can customize as per the specifications of your old rifle, you get two things:

  1. It will keep your aim steady,
  2. And, your shooting, accurate.

We all know that with age, the vibration along the length of the barrel increases. The right stock can provide it with the support it deserves – decreasing the vibration – while increasing the weapon's accuracy.

And, not just the old guns that get this stock's benefit. The gun that you’ve just purchased – one that claims to have pinpoint accuracy will also see its accuracy enhanced to an impressive degree with these stocks.

The ordeal of ordering McMillan stocks

When seeking a customizable upgrade - one that can evolve your shooting experience to another level - expect to wait. That is the case with these stocks. The process can take you roughly an hour and a half. And although our platform tries to cut that time in half by providing you intuitive options from the very start, you still have to go through the process as intended.

That’s the cross to bear when you’re trying to strive for perfection, I guess.

However, your wait will only depend upon the degree to which you want to customize your stock. The official platform now holds accurate measurements for most rifles.

Thus, whether you are looking for competition, hunting, or tactical stocks, the pre-customized options can take you a long way. So, if you want a quick fix, know your rifle type. It will be enough for you to find a product that fits your needs.

However, in some rifles, the A-Bolt II, for instance, the difference might be two to 5/1000th of an inch. As you cannot compromise the integrity of your stock, it is always better to your measurements so that you get precisely what you need.

It is a form of customization that involves you in the process. And if you do everything right, you will get the stock that fits your requirement.

Choose your stock type.

McMillan offers two types of shells:

  1. Fibreglass: If precision, style and tight-fitting are your requirements, then fibreglass stocks are the ones you need. The microstructure of the fibreglass wraps around your rifle like skin – making it seem like an inseparable part of your weapon.
  1. Carbon Fibre: If you seek a stock that’s incredibly light, one that you wish to use on a hunting rifle as you take long treks through the mountains, then go with the carbon fibre. The lightweight Edge Fill materials also look stylish. If for the McMillan Stocks, colours and patterns matter to you, the carbon fibre will take you a long way.

From the workshop to your rifle

Once you choose your stock type, the real work begins. It is where the 40 years of McMillan legacy come together to create a precise product as per your requirement. It goes from laying the foundation to shipping the stock to your homes.

Laying the foundation of molds 

After you have completed the lengthy (yet satisfying) ordering process, the makers lay the molds of McMillan stock materials and colours. Afterwards, to balance the stocks, the stock 'artists' – because that is what they arguably are – open five sections in the molds for different fillings.

Leveraging technology for precision

The molds then go into the mill room. Here, the company uses a computer programmed routing machine to get cutouts for action and barrel as per your specifications.

Fitting the butt pad in the stock

After the milling comes cutting for the length of the butt pad. After grounding the butt pad by hand, it is fitted inside the stock. If there are mistakes, the makers have to repeat the process. But don't expect for errors to be there; the McMillan legacy is still strong.

Attaching the final fittings

The stock finally goes to the hardware department. Here, final flush cups, studs and other attachments are added to the stocks.

What is great about this process is that the company doesn’t rely on computers. Even for precision, they take an old school approach of getting their hands dirty to do everything from milling to lathing to final fitting.

Quality testing

Every stock goes through a stringent assessment before the final finishing. If the makers encounter issues, the procedure begins again. The workshop only sends the stocks out of the factory after ensuring that no mistakes were made at any stage.

Final finishing and shipping

Finally, the artists do their magic to remove any cracks and crevices from the stocks to make them smooth and cascade with the pattern. After completing the finishing, the company ships these to the rifle enthusiasts.

Looking for a Macmillan Stock of your own

If you seek a McMillan Stock, OTM Tactical has got you covered. When you order with us, we can ensure that the makers of the stocks deliver as per your requirement.

For further details, visit our website and explore our stock of McMillan Stocks.

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