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OTM Tactical is proud to carry Berger Bullets, the top choice for hunting and target shooting everywhere. But why? What makes Berger Bullets so great? The answer lies in the history of Berger Bullets and their standards as a manufacturer.


About Berger Bullets

Like many companies that are prominent today, Berger Bullets started out as the hobby of one entrepreneur. Walt Berger was not satisfied with the rifle bullets available in stores, and in 1955 he started making his own. He was sure he could produce better ammunition than others and continued to grow his operation while testing his own bullets in competitions. His wife Eunice supported his aspirations and worked alongside him, and Berger Bullets was born.

Although Berger Bullets suffered many hardships and false starts along the way, in 2016 the company became part of the Nammo Group along with other prestigious ammunition manufacturers like Lapua. Today, Berger Bullets are made to the highest standards possible in the industry and have become a household name regarding reliability and accuracy for precision shooting.


Types of Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets are available in multiple calibers as well as different grains, to help you reach that all-important balance of bullet velocity and weight. This makes different types of Berger Bullets suitable for different activities like hunting, varmint shooting, competitions, and all long-range competitive shooting.

The availability of different grains also gives you more options when it comes to matching your bullet weight to the twist rate of your rifle barrel. Berger Bullets even provides a helpful Twist Rate Stability Calculator to help you choose the right bullet for maximum accuracy.


The Popularity of Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets are preferred worldwide by serious shooters, including hunters, competitive tactical shooters, and all others with an interest in guns and ammunition. Gun stores keep them in stock constantly and there is high demand.

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