Finding the best base and rings for your scope

Scope rings and bases are like the life and soul of your rifle. They are integral for your rifle's performance accuracy and overall functioning. Nevertheless, choosing scope rings and bases that are best for your rifle is utterly important.

Rifle enthusiasts are found juggling between different bases and rings that fit their scope rings in the best manner possible. No doubt, finding the most suitable and perfect fit scope base and ring can be a humongous task.

The market is flooded with a multitude of options of bases and rings. Rifle enthusiasts often start their process of choosing the best scope rings by looking out for the latest inventions. But have you ever wondered, is that really a necessary step? Do you only need to go in for the most recently introduced ones?

Well, the answer is NO! In reality, you should decide the right base and rings for your scope based on the rifle, and not what is new on the market.

Before we move on to deciding how to find the right base and rings for your scope, it is important to understand

What exactly are rings and bases & why are they needed?

Bases and rings are intended to connect a rifle scope to a firearm. These are one of the weakest links in a shooting system. In case, this connection is not properly done or fit, the rifle can result in useless functioning. However, detecting a loose connection is not that easy.

Therefore, one must decide upon only ‘high-quality’ and trusted base and rings for their rifles. It is often advised by shooting experts that no compromise should be made when buying the best base and rings for your scope.

Good base and rings can lend your rifle reliability, ruggedness, and smooth functioning overall.


Rifle Scope Rings

Rings are circular clamps that hold a riflescope, connect it to the base on a gun. What you need to note is that the diameter of the inside portion of the ring must equal the outside diameter of the rifle scope. Further, the ring’s height should be in line with factors such as the outside diameter of the lens, ocular bell size, length of the scope, eye relief, bolt lift, and barrel contour.

Rifle Scope Bases

The base is a steel/aluminum platform that connects to a firearm receiver with the help of clamps or screws. The rings are connected to this base via clamps, screws, or dovetails.
Next, let’s move on to the different scope mounting systems available in the market. 

The scope mounting systems can be grouped as under:

  • Fixed
The fixed scopes are intended to be kept on the rifle after installation. The mounting space can be extended (with extensions) in case there is an issue with mounting the scope. This ensures correct mounting for the long-action guns. Special tools are needed in case one wants to remove these. 
  • Detachable
The detachable scope mount is equipped with the ability to swap the scopes in case of failure. In addition, you can also share the optics between your rifles with a detachable scope mount. Most times, removal is also possible with no need for extra tools.
  • Base type
The base type scope mount is of two types: one-piece base and two-piece base.

When you opt for the one-piece base, it gives you higher recoil resistance. However, you might face difficulty in loading and unloading.

On the other hand, the Weaver-style and Picatinny bases are slotted, which implies a cross-bolt on each of the rings. If you choose any of these, be assured of an easy way to clamp your rings.

Bases like Talley are also slotted, only it allows for the base foot in place of the cross bolt. Bases like Dovetail are characterized with an oval cut-out shape allowing people to wedge on the lower half of the ring.

  • Rings
Rings that are commonly available in the market vary in size, i.e., 1 inch, 30mm, and 34mm. One must carefully choose a ring of a specific size based on the size of the scope tube.

Target shooters, rifle enthusiasts are bound to benefit from the key points mentioned in the article. To set up the shooting equipment in the correct manner, it is important to select the right base and rings. You are set to improve the overall performance of your rifle with the best-fit base and rings.

If you are wondering where to fetch the most trusted and innovative range of bases and rings for your scope, stop your online search right away and read further!


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