The Most Common Parts Needed for your AR-15

Building your AR is the right way to get yourself a unique rifle. However, you need to know an AR's anatomy before envisaging the project.

If you are not building your rifle from scratch and just wish to upgrade the stock configuration, you still need to have a fair knowledge of AR-15 parts. It is also crucial to know about the kinds of accessories available.

However, with a lot of information online and numerous products on shelves, it can often get overwhelming to choose the parts needed for an AR-15.

In this article, we will try to make it as simple as possible, so you soon have a unique shooting companion.

Parts for the upper receiver group:

The upper receiver and the lower receiver groups combine to form a functional rifle. All of the components in this group can be customized based on your specific requirements.

The upper receiver group comprises the following components:

The upper receiver is the part of a rifle that contains the bolt carrier group and charging handle and attaches to the barrel and forend.

Barrel: The barrel is one of the most crucial components of the upper receiver. A good barrel can make all the difference in accuracy and shooting experience. Based on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of barrel lengths and weights. If you wish to improve accuracy, opt for a longer barrel.

A long-range rifle that will be primarily used for hunting or precision shooting will do well with a longer barrel. Shorter barrels, on the other hand, offer more movability and are ideal for rifles designed for close-quarter environments.

You can find a wide variety of barrels here.

Handguard: A handguard is specifically useful for range shooting, as the firing frequency is very high and the barrel heats up pretty quickly. It is also known as the rail system, and its primary purpose is to protect your hand from the heated barrel.

It comes in multiple shapes and sizes and also allows you to customize your rifle as you like using AR-15 parts and accessories like lasers, flashlights, sights, bi-pods, optics, grips, etc.

A Bolt Carrier Group: A bolt carrier group is a unit that contains multiple components, including a cam pin, firing pin, bolt, extractor, and gas key. You can choose between preassembled bolt carrier groups and individual parts based on your comfort. Remember to choose high-quality parts as the bolt carrier group is an important part of your rifle that is They are responsible for loading it, ejecting spent rounds, and ensuring that the bullets are fired correctly.

Charging handle: If there is a malfunction in your rifle or you need to chamber a round, the charging handle will help you pull the bolt carrier group to the back. If the bolt is closed, you can use the charging handle to load the first round of a new magazine.

Gas block and gas tube: Gas pressure in the rifle is responsible for its functioning. Based on the location of the gas port in the barrel, there are 4 types of gas lengths. They are rifle length, mid-length, carbine length, and pistol length. Generally, the barrel inside the handguard holds the gas block, and the gas tube connects to both the block and the upper receiver.

Forward Assist: A forward assist is a valuable addition to the functionality of AR-15. It makes your rifle more reliable by helping you to send the bolt back into the battery if it is malfunctioning and you are unable to close it.

Ejection port cover: An ejection port cover will help you to keep your AR-15 safe from dust and dirt by keeping the upper receiver and bolt carrier clean. It is important for the smooth functioning and longevity of the rifle.

Muzzle Devices: The muzzle device is a component in your rifle that houses many other accessories. Muzzle devices can be classified into 3 main categories, compensators, muzzle brakes, and flash hiders. These help to prevent muzzle climb, reduce felt recoil, and offer protection against excess muzzle flash.

Parts for the lower receiver group:

The lower receiver group comprises the trigger group, buffer tube, safety selector, magazine release, bolt catch, and other important components.

Here are the components:

Lower receiver: You will find the serial number of your rifle on the lower receiver. It is a highly legally regulated part.

Trigger groups: A rifle is incomplete without a trigger, and accuracy is compromised if the trigger pull weight is not comfortable for you. The trigger group comprises the trigger and hammer of the AR-15. It also has other housing components. This is also a fully customizable part. You must choose a weight based on your shooting purpose, expected accuracy, and comfort.

Lower parts kit: The lower parts kit allows you to assemble a stripped lower receiver group. However, you must understand the parts of your AR-15. The more you know, the better you can customize your weapon and fix it in case it malfunctions.

Buffer tube: Many components of your rifle are just to enhance the experience, and the buffer tube is one of them. It is a part of the recoil system of the rifle, and it is critical to choose the right one. A good buffer will help you to shoot with accuracy for a longer time. duration. The buffer tube comprises the buffer and buffer spring and helps to maintain the integrity of the rifle.

Buttstock: The buttstock is one of the most important parts needed for the AR-15. It determines your comfort while shooting with the rifle rested on your shoulder. There are two types of stocks. These are fixed and collapsible, and you can choose one based on your needs.

You can find an extensive range of stocks here.

Magazines: Magazines help you store your bullets. While there are different size options, the laws governing magazines vary from state to state and the political climate also affects them. You can learn about magazines and find some here.

The basic parts that build your rifle are mentioned above. However, there is a huge variety of other accessories, including grips, bags, bases, barrels, brakes, bipods, etc., that can help to improve your shooting experience.

If you are looking for parts needed for the AR-15, you can find them


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