Defy Your Limits with Defiance Machine Deviant Actions

Defiance Machine Deviant Actions

Here at OTM Tactical, precision long-range shooting is our game and our passion. We go out of our way to carry only the best rifle upgrades and accessories for you to step up your shooting performance. We carefully select our products according to the motto "if we won't use it, we won't sell it," so you know you're looking at the cream of the crop when you browse our catalog.

One of the manufacturers we are most pleased to carry is Defiance Machine, whose bolt actions have brought a new level of quality into the shooting world. Let's take a closer look at what makes them special.


About Defiance Machine

Defiance Machine was founded by Glen Harrison who has been designing bolt actions since 1992, bringing his own experience as a competition benchrest shooter. Over 25 years ago he realized the potential computers could bring to the design and manufacturing processes of precision bolt actions. Determined to create the best rifle actions possible, Glen learned 3D modeling and proceeded to design and build the first Defiance actions by himself. Today, the company has expanded to two dozen employees working almost around the clock with cutting-edge technology.

Defiance Machine stands out from their competition with their incredibly precise, advanced design and manufacturing procedures. They use a combination of computerized manufacturing control and passionate human ambition to design and build innovative rifle actions while treating every single one as a custom made-to-order product. The entire team is thoroughly involved in searching out all possible methods for improving their results. Glen Harrison himself is still the CEO of the company and is often out on the shop floor adjusting the machines in the mission for perfection.


Deviant Actions on Sale at OTM Tactical

OTM Tactical carries the Hunter and Tactical lines of Deviant Actions from Defiance Machine because these are the models that work with the Remington 700 footprint. Both are available in long and short action with a standard or magnum bolt face. The Deviant Tactical is also available with a Lapua bolt face.

The Hunter line is designed for use with single shots, hinged floor plates, and detachable magazines, while the Tactical line is designed for detachable box magazines and single shots only. You may also need to upgrade your rifle's bottom metal to use your desired Deviant Action. These are already incredibly durable actions, with an excellent record of performance around the world in the harshest of conditions, but are available nitrided for additional corrosion resistance.

Check out our selection of Deviant Actions on sale at OTM Tactical and please contact us if you do not see your preferred option available.

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