Difference Between Berger Bullet Types

We have gushed about Berger Bullets in the past, and for good reason. The company is one of the oldest and best ammunition manufacturers in the industry. They consistently pump out a wide variety of high-quality products that anyone who takes shooting seriously would be proud to carry.

We discussed the details of the different types of Berger Bullets in that blog post. However, we did not get into the specific types of bullets they offer and the differences between them. Here is some information on this subject, so anyone interested in Berger can see exactly which of their products best suit their needs and wants.

Hybrid Classic Hunter

The Hybrid Classic Hunter ammunition line includes Berger’s first hunting bullets to comply with the standards of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI). Artists know that restrictions can spur creativity, and the smiths at Berger achieved compliance by shortening the nose of the hybrid bullet. They are still designed in such a way that factory rifles can get an incredible performance typically reserved for specialty guns.

Hybrid Elite Hunter

In addition to offering Hybrid bullets for factory rifle fans, Berger also offers a special line for hunters who prefer custom rifles. These bullets integrate secant and tangent ogives into their shape, making them more aerodynamic and less susceptible to seating depth and other factors that impede ballistic performance. They are only available for .338 caliber rifles.

VLD Hunting Bullets

VLD is short for “Very Low Drag,” and VLD hunting bullets can provide that exact experience to hunters. The bullet’s design achieves this feat by combining a secant ogive shape with a boat tail. Shooters need to make less estimates about how conditions will affect their shot if they use bullets that experience less resistance like these.

Match AR Hybrid

Like the other Hybrid bullets on this list, the Match AR Hybrid’s design contains both tangent and secant ogives for greater stability and wind resistance. Unlike the others, it is, as the packaging explains, “optimized for use in magazine-fed ammunition.” Competition shooters, soldiers in combat, and law enforcement officers in the heat of a firefight can all benefit from making this bullet part of their arsenal.

Juggernauts Target Bullets

Anyone who participates in shooting competitions needs bullets they can count on to hit the mark more often than not. Berger Bullets delivers with the Juggernaut target bullet, designed with a hybrid ogive design that makes it highly efficient. Its transonic-to-subsonic transition is outstandingly smooth, allowing for better accuracy than most other kinds of ammo on the market.

Match OTM Tactical

Despite what you might expect from the name, the “OTM” in Match OTM Tactical stands for “Open Tip Match.” This type of bullet comes in three subtypes, with the standard, Match OTM Tactical, being known for thick jackets and versatility. Others include the Juggernaut, a powerhouse piece of ammo, and the Hybrid, combining the two kinds of ogive shapes for excellent trajectory.

Here at OTM Tactical, we accept nothing less than the best. You can find several different types of Berger Bullets’ top-quality ammunition on our online superstore. Check out our inventory today and see just what an amazing effect these bullets can have on your accuracy.

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