Major point of differences between Kestrel elite 5700 and 5700 ballistic.

Kestrel 5700 Elite is a weather meter built with the science of accuracy. It helps in calculating the exact measurement of wind and air density, which helps to deliver elevation and windage solutions. 

What can give a tough competition to the Kestrel 5700 is the 5700 Ballistic. 5700 Ballistic is also considered as one of the best weather meters. 

Both the models are highly preferred by users due to their user-friendly and other interesting features. One of the best features is that they include easy mode, which allows you to find a preset even without having to input too much information. 

Easy mode gives you access to the following:

  • Target Range
  • Target set up guide
  • Bullet profiles
  • Muzzle velocity truing tool
  • Compass calibration
  • Latitude calibration

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For those who want to choose one of them and want to learn the differences between the two, keep reading!

Here are few points which will highlight the key differences between Kestrel 5700 Elite and 5700 Ballistic and help you decide which one is best for you:

  • Drop Scale Factor:

The main difference between 5700 Elite and 5700 Ballistic is the installed software. 5700 Ballistic does not include the feature of Drop Scale Factor (DSF) while 5700 Elite does.

DSF function is important while shooting at long-range distances. It also helps the users to account for bullet drops and other such irregularities.

In the Elite version of the model, the software includes “custom curves”. The custom curves are tested and can present accurately the performance of specific bullets. This feature removes the variable of bullet makers altering the numbers for marketing purposes. This is one of the significant reasons to update to Elite.

  • LINK:

Link is a feature, which allows you to connect your phone or mobile device (Android or iOS) to your meter. It is extremely easy to connect the devices. Once they are connected, you can collect your data ahead of time and then transfer the data just before hitting the field or using the device.

This feature allows you to receive real-time wind changes while you are shooting on your mobile device. It is very useful to shoot long distances. Since you can connect your meter to your mobile device using the link feature, it allows you to manage data both before and after your shooting.

The Kestrel 5700 elite is considered a powerful model, it is restricted by its nature of controls. This feature also includes a variety of applied ballistics bullet libraries, which include over 500 bullet listings, ballistic coefficients, diameters, and weight and length data.

This feature of link functionality is only available in the 5700 Ballistic meter. In Elite 5700, this feature is optional.

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  • Full Applied Ballistics:

Elite 5700 allows you to automatically measure conditions and provides corresponding course corrections using one single device.

It helps in shooting one single target or input the direction and the speed of the wind manually. Elite 5700 allows you to shoot five moving targets along with living wind updates. 

This powerful feature is not available in 5700 Ballistics or any other device available in the market. 

  • Battery Life

The battery life in Kestrel Elite 5700 is very impressive. It can be used in sub-freezing weather conditions to stimulate late fall hunting conditions or to check conditions daily and run ballistic solutions. 

You can also connect your meter to your device for several days at a stretch. The display has an auto-shutdown feature for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. If you want to work without disturbance, you can disable this feature.

The ballistic 5700 does not provide such impressive battery life as compared to Elite 5700.

  • Live Wind Capture:

Once the fire is shot, the device Kestrel Elite 5700 will tell you the speed of the wind, both average and maximum. It will also let you know the direction of the wind concerning the target. 

It constantly updates until you hit the target. This feature allows calculating the amount of correction needed concerning the target and win speed.

This feature is mostly unavailable or optional in other meters available.

The Kestrel Elite 5700 has some unique capabilities. Here is an outline:

  • The custom curves used by Elite 5700 are G1, G7, or custom drag curves.
  • Elite 5700 can be used in both Single Target Mode or Multiple Target Mode.
  • Targets can be toggled on and off as per requirements.
  • The storage capacity is up to 16 gun profiles. 
  • The profiles stored in the Kestrel Elite 5700 can be built and managed on the device or can be imported from the Link Ballistics app. 
  • Elite 5700 has the Zero Offset and Zero Heights feature. This feature allows the user to adjust the impact of the bullet during zeroing. 
  • Range Card- It helps in scrolling through a listing of distances targeted in 25 yards increments and corresponding correcting aptly. This feature also allows the users to view the remaining velocity and energy and the time of flight on the screen.

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