Some Good Accessories to Add to Your AR

AR-15 guns are known for fulfilling a gun enthusiast’s desire for individuality and customizability. They can be used in various shooting activities, once they reach their full potential. If you own an AR-15, you may want to enhance its performance, and this is possible with the use of proper gun accessories.

This is why in this article; we’ll be talking about the best AR-15 gun accessories you can find on the internet. But before beginning, let's get some basic knowledge about AR-15 rifles.

What are AR-15 rifles?

  • These are lightweight semi-automatic rifles known for serving various objectives. They are used in shooting competitions, hunting and target practicing.
  • One of the major misconceptions among gun owners is, they think AR stands for Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle, but it stands for ArmaLite Rifle. These rifles were first developed in the late 1950s as military rifles but are currently used for numerous other purposes. 
  • These rifles are one of the most beloved rifles in the US. Many gun owners call the AR-15 “modern sporting rifles” meant for recreational use whereas The National Rifle Association refers to them as “America’s rifles”.
  • Their extreme popularity has made them one of the most sold guns in the US. Almost 1.3 million rifles are sold each year and as many as 5-10 million rifles exist in the US alone.

Best rifle accessories:

Your rifle will not show its full potential until the addition of some essential rifle accessories. The acquisition of these accessories will be helpful as they enhance your shooting abilities by a great margin. Here are the most crucial rifle accessories to have in your budding arsenal:

  • Bipods:

Bipods are a type of two-legged stand which works as an attachment to your rifle. They provide support to your rifle and keep it steady. The bipods provide significant stability, which in turn increases the accuracy of the rifle. 

  • The length of the bipods is adjustable and their axis can be tilted, allowing your rifle to aim in left or right direction.
  • The most common use of bipods is to provide forward rest and to reduce motion. Hunters love bipods as they help them line up a shot and hold their aim for longer period. Aiming targets present on different positions is made easier with the help of the bipods. 

The two most popular of the best adjustable rifle bipods are Atlas and Harris. 

  • Atlas bipods include a lot of unique features that you won’t find in other bipods. They have notched legs and can be loaded with legs straight down or 45°forward. Legs can be stowed forward or backward. These bipods provide a tilt of 15°. Products such as ATLAS PSR Standard Bipod are best if you need proper height adjustments.
  • Harris bipods also come with notched legs. These are of shorter lengths which provide better stability than any other bipod. We suggest you HARRIS HBRMS 6"-9" Bipod which comes with swivels rotating mechanism. They are known for their flexible rotation which will increase your shooting area effectively.

  • Optics:

  • Mounting optics to the top of the rifle boosts the accuracy and range of vision of target shooters. Targets which were considered out of range or sight, have now become easier to pick off, with the use of optics.
  • Many people mount two optics on the rifle. The optics on rearmost position is a magnifier, in most cases, a telescope. The magnifier is used to have a closer look of a distant target. It can be flipped off to the side of the rifle, when not in use. The front optic is a non-magnified holographic sight.
  • Nightforce products such as NIGHTFORCE ATACR 5-25X56 F1 MIL-C can be undoubtedly called ‘the perfect all-round long-range riflescope’. Its full-fledged features might make some grown men cry. The adjustments are standard and available in .1 MRAD (12 mils per revolution).

  • Slings:

  • The slings are simply a strap or harness designed in a way to allow you to conveniently carry your rifles. These slings are meant to be tied around your shoulder.
  • Not only do they help you carry your rifles around, but also provide you additional stability while shooting. They make an interface between you and your rifle, a little more rigid. This way, they enhance your shooting accuracy.
  • OTM Tactical’s FTW Bungee Sling is developed with years of research and field experimentation. It is easily adjustable and feels comfortable. They are one of the best rifle slings available in the market.

  • Mats, Bags, and Cases:

  • The matter of transporting your rifles becomes important, once you start rifle shooting. 
  • You need to be very careful with the quality of bag or case you use to store rifles. Using a poor material bag may decline the color and shine of your rifle.
  • Bags, Mats, and Cases from OTM tactical will make sure, your rifle stays as good as new. You'll find some excellent rifle hard cases and bags, along with mats at OTM Tactical. Quality is assured.

  • Rifle Cleaning Supplies:

  • It is rightly said, "A clean gun is a safe gun". Continuous shooting sessions will cause the settlement of powder residue, carbon, and gases on the barrel. This powder residue is the result of every fire from your rifle. 
  • When ignored for a long time, these gases and residues will affect the overall performance of the rifle. The rifle may stop or delay functioning due to which the reliability of rifle might be questioned. So, the need for good quality rifle cleaning supplies is mandatory.
  • OTM Tactical carries rifle cleaning supplies to help you keep your rifle in top shape. They have the best rifle cleaning supplies, including Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner in both foam and liquid forms. You don't have to worry much about cleaning your rifle even after tactical competitions. With this product, cleaning even rough dirt stains become easier than ever.

Parting Notes:

We hope you found this list helpful. These accessories will make your shooting experience better in many ways. The products we listed will not only enhance your gun’s durability but also increase its longevity. If you are interested in buying more gun-related accessories, you’ll find them on OTM Tactical

For more information, you may visit our website or drop an email. We’d be happy to assist you. 

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