A rifle bottom metal may not seem to be that important part as far as a precision rifle in consideration. Neither does it add any glam factor to your rifle. 

However, it is actually a very crucial part of any precision rifle, and one may even consider it to be a make or break component. A properly constructed and fitted rifle bottom metal not only ensures the job of feeding gets done accurately but also enables proper functioning. 

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Now let us dive deeper into this world of precision rifle bottom metals and discuss and analyze in detail the different types available. 

M5 DBM (Detachable Box Magazine)

This is a pretty standard rifle bottom metal and specially designed for M5 inlets. The Hawkins M5 DBM ensures extreme precision as it is only fashioned from a single aluminum billet with a patented cantilever spring release mechanism. This mechanism is unique as it makes sure that it does not open when under heavy recoil. 

The M5 DBM is specially made for the Remington 700 series and other existing clones. Within the M5 DBM lineup, there are several variations from which to decide as per your requirements. 

  • The Short Action DBM - This M% DBM variation is custom designed for the AICS magazine but with the correct action cut, which can also be easily used with the AW magazine. This design keeps the magazine rise higher in the magazine well due to a taller latch. Hence it ensures better and smoother feeding.
  • The Long Action DBM - They are similar in features and activities to the short action variation. The difference lies in the fact that they are specially designed for a long action magnum and also the standard calibers having an AICS magazine.
  • XM DBM - Whether the Lone Peak variant of footprint or the Defiance XM.
  • Hawkins Precision produces quality rifle bottom metals for both. MDT XM magazine is the choice in the case of Defiance XM, while for the Lone Peak variant, one can get in touch with Lone Peak Arms.
  • 338 CIP - This is uniquely designed for long action stock inlet and works in conjunction with the AICS magazine. 
  • 338 CIP+ - This design bodes well with the Accurate Magazine having a total case length of 3.850". 

M5 Oberndorf Bottom Metal

Another bottom metal specific to the M5 inlets. So what makes this different from the M5 DBM?

The answer is that this allows for various stock options while retaining the BDL that is the better deluxe style of bottom metal. This added benefit adds a degree of modularity to the existing rifle system mechanics. The one designed by Hawkins precision is an example of perfect engineering and fitting. 

The mechanism allows for better stability and extra reliability due to the hinged floorplate style, which reduces spring pressure while loading.

The M5 Obendorf bottom metal is custom made for Wyatt's Outdoors extended magazine boxes but even then comes in several variations. Again here, the variations are solely based on long action as well and short action. The variations are as follows:

  • MBE 2 - Caters to the Remington 700 long action, and the cartridge OAL extension is of nearly 110".
  • MBE 3 - Again, a design intended for the Remington 700 long action, it incorporates a much wider case to enable the use of Ultra MAgs.
  • MBE 4 - This is for the Remington 700 but has short action, allowing the WSM cartridges to be easily used.
  • MBE 5 - Another one specifically for the short action Remington 700 and is only meant for use with standard calibers.
  • MBE SA 3.100? COAL - This one features an even further extended length box, and though designed keeping in mind the short action Remington 700, it works equally with many medium action designs.
  • MBE SA 6.5 PRC - Serves the PRC cartridge family very well, provided they are of the short action type. It is, in fact, quite similar to the MBE 4, barring the window location.
  • MBE LA 300 PRC. - This one is particularly for the 300 PRC cartridge family but only for the long action category. This is similar to the MBE 3 in many ways, again barring the position of the window.

Hunter Detachable Box Magazine (DBM)

If the flush-mounted bottom metal is your style, then look no further as the Hunter DBM will perfectly serve your tastes. This bottom metal works very well with the AICS pattern of magazines. This is accurately fashioned from the 6061 billets. Further, the mechanism ensures that it will not open under heavy recoil due to the cantilever spring release's presence, similar to the M5 DBM. It also includes a unique adjustable magazine release that adds a degree of sleekness to the trigger guard. 

The Hunter DBM is also specifically designed for the M5 inlet, and the Hawkins Precision version is a cut above the rest. It works specifically with the Remington 700 series and other existing clones. 

Currently, Hawkins Precision has a short action variant, while a long action variation is being exclusively developed. 


After this comprehensive and detailed information on the various precision rifle bottom metals that are available, one should have a pretty decent idea of the various types of bottom metals and their uses. Hawkins Precision has left an indelible mark in the field of various rifle components in the market, and rifle bottom metals are no exception. 

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