A Quick Guide to the Best Triggers

A Quick Guide to the Best Triggers

At OTM Tactical, we pride ourselves on stocking the absolute highest quality rifle parts and accessories, and among those we include triggers from four of the world's best manufacturers: Jewell, Timney, Bix’n Andy, and TriggerTech. But what makes these triggers the top of the line, and why are we so proud to carry them? Read on to find out.


Jewell Triggers

Precision rifle gunsmiths everywhere recommend Jewell triggers, and for good reason. Jewell triggers make frequent appearances in the rifles of competitive shooting champions, and are considered the industry standard among drop-in replacement triggers for the Remington 700 footprint. They offer a crisp trigger pull that aids in accuracy and can be adjusted from a 3 lb. pull down to under 8 oz.

Jewell triggers are offered in left and right hand variants, with or without a top safety, and with or without a bolt release. If you've never tried a Jewell trigger, you're seriously missing out.


Timney Triggers

Timney manufactures triggers in several models to fit multiple firearms, and every one of them is utterly top-of-the-line. Timney commands a great deal of respect in the industry, and it's easy to see why: they use only the highest quality materials and hold every step of their process to strict standards.

Among their different models, Timney also offers left- and right-hand, two-stage, and with and without safety or bolt release. Some of their triggers are also available with a straight shoe, preferred by some target shooters.  Depending on the model, Timney triggers can be adjusted from 2.5 lbs. down to 8 oz. or from 4 lbs. down to 1.5 lbs.


Bix'n Andy Triggers

Think of Bix'n Andy as the Ferrari of triggers, with an innovative ball-bearing design that enables unprecedented precision regarding pull weight. Bix'n Andy triggers can be adjusted from a 1.5 lb. pull weight down to 1 oz. and maintain a consistency within 0.03 oz., an unprecedented achievement in trigger design. The let-off is the smoothest and crispest in the industry. The top sear on Bix'n Andy triggers is the lowest available.

Bix'n Andy triggers are available for the Remington 700 with and without a safety and in single- and two-stage.


TriggerTech Triggers

TriggerTech is another highly innovative manufacturer who boasts the only triggers that operate without sliding friction, instead using their proprietary Frictionless Release Technology (FRT). FRT utilizes TriggerTech's patented free-floating roller to make every shot as smooth as possible, with an extremely crisp break. This results in unmatched precision, and many competitive shooters consider TriggerTech to offer the sweet spot for reliability, durability, and safety.

TriggerTech's unique technology allows them to provide zero-creep triggers with minimal overtravel and a short, yet tactile reset for more accurate follow-up shots. Pull weight can be adjusted easily with an externally accessible screw. OTM Tactical carries TriggerTech triggers for the Remington 700 and AR.



We hope this article has opened your eyes to some of the best triggers on the market today and maybe gotten you excited to try one out. You'll feel the difference. We at OTM Tactical can personally vouch for the quality of all the products we carry and we're proud to have these triggers in our catalog. Take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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