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OTM Tactical Rifle Magazines 

Detachable box magazines are popular among the tactical firearms community for obvious reasons. Being able to fire more shots before reloading is always a good thing, and reloading itself is much faster when you only need to snap a fresh magazine into your rifle rather than opening it and inserting cartridges one by one. It's no wonder so many shooters convert their Remington 700 rifles to take detachable magazines by installing DBM bottom metal.

As premier suppliers of precision tactical shooting equipment, OTM Tactical offers a selection of high-quality rifle magazines with which to further customize your shooting experience. Here's some background information on the magazine brands we carry.



Accurate-Mag produces 100% American made magazines based on current Mil-Spec and NATO Stanag requirements, and their magazines are a top choice for inclusion as OEM components of Savage, Remington, Ruger, and Colt rifles. Accurate-Mag magazines fit all M24 & M40 type service rifles as well as MK13 and NATO Variants. They're an excellent choice for your rifle and we are proud to stock them.


Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS)

Accuracy International is known for some of the most rigorous quality and manufacturing standards in the industry. Their magazines are corrosion-resistant and have a low-friction coating for a long lifespan and smooth operations. They're another great choice, and we carry several AICS magazines for different actions and calibers. To learn more about this company, please see here.

AICS Magazines        Accuracy International Magazines

Savage Arms

Savage Arms builds their products from a scientific and engineering standpoint and emphasizes the efficiency and effectiveness of everything they manufacture. Their magazines are built on the same philosophy and focus on quality. Savage Arms was founded by Arthur Savage in 1894, Utica, New York and is now based out of Westfield, Massachusetts, with a Canadian division located in Lakefield, Ontario.

 Savage Arms Magazines

Other Magazines and Accessories

OTM Tactical also carries magazine holsters and magazine extenders so you can have all the ammunition you need. Plus, in our catalog, you can also find Remington internal box magazines and springs for floor-plate rifles that you've felt no need to convert to take a DBM. We like to cater to all precision shooting enthusiasts, so take a look.