Why impact precision makes pro-grade rifle action?

With the shooting season coming, the debate over impact precision is heating up like nothing else among rifle enthusiasts. If you were to have a look at the gears of the top shooters in the Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League, you will see that they all use the rifle action from Impact Precision.

What is action in a rifle & what is its importance?

 Action is that part of a breech-loading firearm that loads, fires, and ejects a cartridge. If you were to ask professional marksmen, they would tell you how important the action of a rifle is when it comes to determining your rifle’s accuracy, durability, and reliability. Professionals choose to see the action as the heart of any rifle. 

For them, everything including the barrel, scope, and trigger mechanism are accessories that are attached to the action.

Unlike the barrel, scope, and trigger mechanism that can be upgraded to improve the accuracy of a rifle, you can’t expect to change the action of your rifle easily. According to veterans, it is better to build a new rifle from scratch rather than replacing the action of your rifle.

You must invest in the right custom rifle action as action is the only time-travelling part of a rifle that you have to stick to almost through your career.

Choosing the right action for your rifle – Impact Precision 737R

When it comes to choosing a custom rifle action for precision shooting, know that there is no room for errors. Skimming over the statistics, it is evident that most of the top rangers go ahead with either defiance or impact precision action.

When taking a look over the in-demand action – impact precision shooting 737R, the specification sheet itself will interest you. The short action mated for right-handers is a 0.473” bolt face suitable for 0.308Win or 6.5CM calibres or similar.

It features a right-side ejection port with a mini 16 extractor and plunger ejector. Made from 416R stainless steel with a black carbon nitride finish of 20.6cm in length, it weighs a kilo approx. One-piece receiver with integral recoil lug and 20MOA Picatinny tail keeps the action a cut above its competitors in business.

Keeping aside all the on-paper knowledge, on to the limelight of range performance it is a perfect fit for conditions demanding pinpoint accuracy, durability and reliability. What else should a component have on offer to the competitive shooter and the long-range hunter in you?

Why Impact precision makes professional grade rifle action?

Here comes the million-dollar question, why Impact precision makes professional grade rifle action. What makes it the favourite choice for shooters at PRS or NRL ranges?

Made for the toughest of field conditions, the quality & reliability of this tactical equipment is undebatable. The single-piece receiver is roughly machined and is heat-treated. The bolt races are electrically discharged and the finish is machined to make sure of the dimensional tolerances.

To ensure smooth operation under challenging situations, proper geometry and clearances are incorporated in the unique one-piece bolt. A smooth bottom portion provided will ensure the cycling is easy and smooth. The bolt stop designs are given a rugged finish to take them to the hardest of situations.

Proper receiver headspace and index tolerances in the design of Impact Precision 737R ensures that it is easy to assemble. This means you don’t have to send your match rifle for any re-barrelling. To carry dirt away, fluting on the top and sides are provided. Also, to deal with the operational difficulties, the impact precision 737R is designed with increased surface hardness and lubricity.

Remington 700 style action makes the action compatible with almost all stocks & chassis. The trigger hangers provided makes room for simplified field maintenance to the trigger saving time and effort. All thanks to the simplified installation and maintenance of the action.

Now that you know the design features & advantages of precision, it’s evident as to why professionals choose impact precision over their counterparts.

Note: This tactical shooting equipment utilises AICS pattern centre fed magazines and while making a purchase you should be aware that it will not work with BDL bottom metal or staggered feed AI AW magazines.

Legacy of Impact Precision

The brains behind Impact Precision were Wade Stuteville and Tate Streater who were renowned for their achievements at the rifle competitions. Their discussions about the need for a tactical shooter derived from the early models of the now impact precision 737R. 

Another name that’s associated with production and inspection of Impact Precision is Tape-Matics. It was the provider for machined parts for the aerospace, oil and gas industry and department of defence since 1979. 


Within a few years after launch Impact Precision was quick to become a favourite of enthusiasts. Its fame was not just restricted to the US. Instead, impact precision also became the choice of shooters outside the continent. It is no wonder that those who won the season in the precision rifle series used impact precision action. Impact Precision is a perfect companion for today’s competitive shooter and the long-range hunter with his index finger on the trigger.

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