What to Know Before Installing Your Pre-fit Barrel

The overall performance of a rifle is determined by the performance of each rifle component. Barrels are the most important component among all as they provide appropriate velocity and energy to the bullets. Due to their frequent use, barrels are often subject to damages.

Proper knowledge of installation of a new barrel will save you from the curse of poor performance of the damaged barrel. So, in this article, we’ll provide you with the best method to install a barrel on a rifle.

But first, let’s get some basic knowledge about barrels. So let’s dive right in.

What are Rifle Barrels?

The rifle barrels are straight-shooting tube which provides passage to the bullet. When a rifle is fired, bullets have to travel through these high-strength metal tubes. The barrels we see today hadn't always been made of metals. The Chinese, who were also the inventor of gunpowder, invented the first barrel. Bamboos were the first thing to act as barrels. The bamboo were long and strong and hence, perfect for firing gun powder. 

  • With the advancement in the techniques of forgery, metals, and more specifically, alloys replaced bamboo and were used in making barrels.
  • The height of barrels can determine your accuracy. For instance, let's take the example of long barrels. The sight in long barrels is further and thus will help you shoot your target with more precision and accuracy. 
  • Another purpose they serve is, they provide more energy to your bullets. Bullets have to travel more distance in a long barrel, resulting in an explosive shot.

How do rifle barrels get damaged?

  1. Emission of Powder Residue:

  • The most common cause of damage is the repeated deposition of burned powder. They can trap moisture and chemicals released on combustion which in turn, corrode the metal and deteriorate the rifling. This happens due to lack of maintenance and not cleaning rifle even after continuous usage.

  1. Heat and Pressure:

  • Heat and pressure are also one of the causes of your barrel damage. Your barrel's life is highly dependent on these two factors. Continuous firing without letting your barrel cool down will shorten its life to a great extent. 
  • When you continuously keep on shooting the cartridges, you'll get heat up which will not only shorten the barrel's life but also affect its performance negatively.

  1. Using Wrong Tools for Cleaning:

  • Not cleaning your rifle's barrel is another reason for its damage. In some cases, barrels wear out even after regular cleaning sessions. This is because of the use of inappropriate methods and tools.
  • Many owners use stainless steel bore brush to clean them, which is certainly a counterfeit tool. Using stainless steel bore brush could scratch the bore, leading to a reduction in rifle’s accuracy.


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The task of modifying the firearm should be performed by a licensed gunsmith. Doing it without the help of a competent gunsmith will result in an unsafe firearm which can cause you severe injuries or even death.

How to install or replace your pre-fit barrel?

  • Since the barrel is one of the most important parts of your rifle, you don’t want to compromise with the quality of it. After facing several wear outs, it’s high time, you install a new pre-fit barrel. You should replace your barrel when it doesn’t provide you the accuracy you expect from your rifle.
  • Pre-fit barrels are designed to slot perfectly into place for specific rifle models. Replacing the old one with the new one will help your rifle perform good as new.

Installing a new barrel must be done by a gunsmith. Avoid installing it on your own as one little mistake may be life-threatening in the future. We’d be listing the process of installation for your convenience.

  • The process of the installation starts after you successfully detach the old barrel from your rifle.
  • Now, you'll need a good quality pre-fit barrel. Quality matters the most in this case as it will determine the life span of your barrel.
  • You can find the best quality pre-fit barrels for sale at OTM Tactical. You'll find your ideal barrel at a very reasonable price. After the installation of their pre-fit barrel, your rifle will be good as new and might be even better than ever before.
  • One thing you need to note is that installing is not just plug and play. Make sure to create slight adjustments to ensure that everything aligns properly.
  • The next thing you should consider is the thickness of the recoil lug. The function of the recoil lug is to transfer complete recoil to the stock. The recoil lug is incorporated in the underside of your barrel. Hence, its thickness should be appropriate.
  • The precision work ends here. Once everything is placed together, you need to tighten everything up. Don’t forget to specify the measurements. 
  • Now your rifle is ready to shine. Testing your improved rifle will be fun. If installation done with accuracy and proper measurements, your new barrel will fit perfectly in a way, it was there from the beginning.

How to extend your barrel’s life?

The barrels are a sensitive part of the rifle. They are prone to getting damaged more frequently than any other component of the rifle. Here are some tips which will help your barrel last longer.

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is letting your barrel cool a bit after shooting. Reckless shooting poses a threat to the barrel’s life. Just after some shots, let your barrel cool down and then again start your short shooting session. Keep on repeating the process. Taking a break will also increase your accuracy and precision of hitting targets as you’ll get some time to set your aim.
  • Stop using stainless steel bore brush for cleaning the bore of your barrel. Using a bronze or synthetic bore brush soaked in a copper solvent is 100% safe for cleaning as it leaves no scratch. This brush along with the copper solvent helps in removing powder residues.

Parting Notes

Barrels are the key part of the rifles which must be used with proper care. Replacing an old barrel with a new and good quality pre-fit barrel will directly affect the performance of the rifle positively. You can find the best pre-fit barrels on the internet at OTM Tactical.

We hope you found this article on ‘how to install barrel on rifle’ helpful. For more information, kindly visit our website or contact our supportive service executive. We’d be happy to assist you.

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