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Perfection is often desired but rarely achieved, even in the world of precision shooting. Even the most accurate shooter with the best equipment always desires something better. We understand that mindset very well here at OTM Tactical — in fact, we live and breathe it. No matter how skilled of a marksman you are, there's always that feeling that you can reach a higher level, especially when you're ready to upgrade your rifle to match your growing capabilities.

Why do upgrades need to keep up with your skills? Think about it: you rely on information to make your shots; distance, windage, the specs of your rifle. As you get better and better, you start desiring more accurate information to help push you past any skill plateaus. And you rely on your equipment to provide you with that information. So, you'll reach a point where perfection feels within your reach, and start looking for rifle upgrades that carry that sense of perfection.

That mindset has been a part of the research, development, and manufacturing process of Kahles for 120 years.

About Kahles Optics

Kahles has been producing premier-quality rifle scopes since 1898 with the constant goal of flawless design and performance. As one of the oldest existing rifle scope manufacturers, Kahles has a record of innovation that persists to this day. The Austria-based company refers to itself as the pioneer of rifle scopes and has a well-deserved reputation that matches this bold statement.

Kahles German Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Kahles scopes are known for their high precision and unmatched durability even in the most extreme of conditions. They were the first rifle optics manufacturer to use multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces, an innovation the company made in 1972. This resulted in over 90% light transmission which set the standard for fine rifle scopes from then onward. Previously, in 1960, they invented the waterproof rifle scope by introducing o-rings to their design. The story of innovation doesn't end there — check out their website for more.

Excellent reticule illumination even at high magnification levels, convenient knob placement, and fantastic tactile knob feedback are just some of the features that make Kahles scopes a fantastic choice for the discerning target shooter. 

Buying a Kahles Scope

OTM Tactical is proud to carry Kahles rifle scopes including the highly-regarded K6241i, one of the best on the market for long-distance accuracy. Today, Kahles continues to manufacture rifle scopes that are the absolute top of the line, full of features that make them reliable and easy to use. We highly recommend a Kahles scope for the truly passionate shooter seeking true mastery.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at OTM Tactical.

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