KMW Rifle Chassis Systems and Hardware

Experienced gun owners know that not all rifle stock systems are created equal. Simply picking one at random may leave you dissatisfied. You need to consider the materials it is made from, the weight of the gun, the length of pull, the other parts you will use, and many other factors.

OTM Tactical understands this, which is why we strive to only supply stock systems from manufacturers who understand this. KMW is one such company, and anyone seeking premium parts should consider their rifle stock systems and hardware.

The History of KMW

The founder of KMW knows his guns. Terry Cross has been an active competitive shooter for four decades, building up his knowledge of how guns function and how people want them to function. In 1987, he decided to apply this knowledge and make his own rifles, founding Cross Custom Guns.

The company initially produced “hunting rifles, match rifles and AR-15 based rifles,” but after five years, he focused on bolt-action rifles and changed the brand’s name. Now, KMW — short for Kisatchie Machine Works — provides top-shelf firearms for law enforcement, as well as shooting sportsmen like himself.

KMW Rifle Stock Systems

KMW’s signature stock system is the SENTINEL Combat Stock. Cross spent several years designing it, drawing not just from his own experiences with firearms, but from the experiences that many competitive shooters and law enforcement agents related to him. Combining their input with his knowledge, he crafted a sleek and versatile platform like no other on the market.

At OTM Tactical, we provide the KMW 591 HP and the KMW S700 HP in a few different patterns and colors. These standard rifle stocks come with a number of features: adjustable length of pull, convertible front interface for attaching a bipod, adjustable cheekpiece hardware, detachable box magazine system, and five limited rotation flush cup sling hardpoints, among others. Every rifle is ambidextrous, meaning they are just as easy and accurate to fire from your left shoulder as from your right.

The KMW Surgeon XL Night Vision models come with all the same features listed above while adding the MUNSter Night Vision Mount. This allows the rifle’s owner to swiftly and easily make accurate shots even without light — giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase “a shot in the dark.” The mount itself accommodates several kinds of primary optics when reversed and offers plenty of rail space.

KMW Hardware

Of course, there is more to a rifle than the stock system. KMW provides other kinds of hardware for their firearms. Among them is their Mk-1 Short Action Detachable Bottom System. This hardware’s strength and durability is optimized to protect your magazine, and it manages to do so without getting bulky or clunky. Even the latch is well-protected, which lowers the chances of accidental magazine releases and other critical mistakes. The Mk-1’s unobtrusiveness provides the gunner with more maneuverability and greater control.

Another vital piece of hardware is the Pod-Loc, which KMW calls “the original and proven bipod locking kit.” The company sought to create a bipod locking kit that could be loosened and tightened with minimal effort. They swapped the factory knurled knot, once the standard locking measure for these kits, for a lever that can be easily set and reset. Thanks to this innovation, you can use this to hold your gun perfectly in place, with only two fingers and a few seconds to lock and unlock it. Law enforcement agencies, military units, and shooting enthusiasts around the world count on the Pod-Loc to get the perfect shot.

OTM Tactical Provides Premium KMW Systems and Hardware

Terry Cross is not the only one who knows his guns. Here at OTM Tactical, we have a strong respect and appreciation for any manufacturer who understands the artistry needed to craft a solid firearm. We are proud to supply several distinct models of KMW’s high-quality stock systems, as well as the other trademark products that they complement. Find the ones that are right for you and check out our selection of KMW rifle stock systems and hardware today.

OTM Tactical is equipped to meet all your needs related to rifles and rifle parts. If you have any questions, please reach out to us so we can provide the assistance you want.

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