KMW Sentinel Stock– The Epitome of Advancement in Machine Technology

The firearms industry has a large variety of options and customizations available for enthusiasts. This isn’t limited to the AR-15 but now also includes precision bolt-action rifles. However, the number of options also makes it confusing for customers looking to purchase customized rifles that would best suit their specific needs.

For example, if the user plans to shoot competitively from different locations and positions, as opposed to only prone or bench positions, the chassis might be a better option thanks to its adaptability and similarity to AR-15 ergonomics.

However, if the primary use is prone or bench competitions and/or law enforcement purposes with the need for high accuracy and consistency, the stock might be the right choice. Each has its pros and cons with variations in pricing.

This is why it is important to understand your specific requirements, shooting style, budget, and other parameters before deciding to invest in a chassis or a stock. This will save you a lot of time and money!

The intention should always be to get a platform that allows for accuracy at varied ranges with a high resistance to wear and tear (and therefore priority given to the quality of materials used to build stocks and other hardware), while also being ergonomically designed, adjustable for different arm lengths, suitable for different hand sizes and finally, ensure a consistent efficiency of movement, thereby resulting in consistent accuracy.

While firearms stocks have been around for centuries the advancements in machining technology have led to improvements in recent times culminating, in the opinion of veterans, at the epitome which is the KMW Sentinel.

History of KMW Long Range Solutions

KMW is owned by Terry Cross who is a legend in the firearms industry, with decades of experience in rifle competitions while also being a reserve officer in local law enforcement. So they are not newcomers to the tactical precision market and have been building rifles since 1987 while Terry Cross has been competing since 1978.

 With the combination of real-world experience and input from other shooting sportsmen and law enforcement agents, Terry Cross took 4 years to design the world-beating KMW Sentinel stock. Initially focusing on hunting rifles, match rifles, and AR-15 based rifles under the aegis “Cross Custom Guns” in 1987, Terry Cross switched his focus to precision bolt-action rifles and rebranded the company, naming it KMW Long Range Solutions – short for Kisatchie Machine Works Long Range Solutions with its signature stock system being the Sentinel Combat Stock.

KMW Sentinel Stocks & Hardware

Some of the current stock systems and hardware include theKMW S700 HP Urban SpectreKMW 591 HP ACU, and theKMW MK1 Short Action Detachable Bottom Metal. All options of the Sentinel Stock are truly one-of-a-kind when compared to other manufacturers. The “crowd-sourced” ideas from competitive tactical shooters and law enforcement officials ensured a better system and are one of the most innovative systems on the market today.

The system also includes a convertible front interface for bipods and 5 flush cup sling hardpoints with the new Generation II Limited Rotation feature.

KMW has joined hands with McMillan FibreGlass Stocks to produce the Sentinel in multiple colors and molded-in camo patterns catering to the specific tastes and requirements of customers.

Once the raw stocks are made at McMillan, they are then sent over to KMW where all hardware and accessories are installed including the L.O.P system and pad, the adjustable cheek piece hardware, convertible bipod station hardware, flush cup hardpoints, and the Integrated Mounting Block or MUNSter Night Vision Mount, if specified by the customer.

Oh, and did we mention that the Sentinel is ambidextrous?

That’s right, all the curves and grips on the Sentinel are the same on both sides allowing customers to fire accurately from either shoulder!

The Sentinel Stock sticks out with its conspicuous and unique thumbhole design while the grips are designed as a mix of the popular A5 style and Accuracy International Chassis system to accommodate the widest range of users.

A few other stand-out features include KMW’s use of Aircraft-grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel in all metal parts while the L.O.P allows for adjustment from 12.7” to 14.3”. The quality of build is also reflected in the KMW’s adjustable cheek-piece which does not vibrate or get loose with heavy use or while transporting the rifle.

The low-profile forend of the Sentinel is molded specifically to fit Harris’ S-series bipods while every stock also allows for a wide array of options for bipod mounting. Finally, the attention to detail can be seen with the ergonomically designed magazine release which is found on the side of the bottom metal, thereby making it easily accessible with the trigger finger or the offhand and also ensuring the risk of a false release.

Last but not least, the KMW Short Action Detachable Bottom uses premium materials and coatings machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum. After inspection, they are processed with a premium Mil-Spec Anodizing which is a true Matte.

To Sum Up

 For more information on the Sentinel or if you are looking to invest in a Sentinel, visit our store for a wide range of KMW stocks, magazine systems, and pod-locs. Here at OTM Tactical, we have an incredible selection of firearm accessories of unmatched quality that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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