Krieger Barrels

Any precision shooter worth their salt knows nothing affects a rifle's overall performance as much as the barrel. The barrel has an enormous effect on your range, accuracy, and precision and can make all the difference when hitting your target. A good barrel will send every shot predictably and within expectations. A bad barrel will send your shots wild, and even if only by a fraction of a millimeter, this translates into a huge margin for error far downrange.

Rifle barrels need to be manufactured with an eye for detail, and Krieger Barrels has that down to the very molecular structure of the steel they use. In fact, their barrels are created with the same precision you'll require on the range, from beginning to end.

About Krieger Barrels

Krieger Barrels began in 1982 and immediately started developing their highly advanced manufacturing process. It starts with the highest quality steel, milled to Krieger's own specifications reached through a painstaking process of metallurgical tests and heat treating. Krieger doesn't consider their steel development to be complete, either, and they continue to test and refine their results. They only offer one grade of steel in their barrels: the best.

In order to ensure the greatest accuracy possible, Krieger spares no expense in their material selection or their rifling process. Although they use high-precision machinery to accomplish this, every barrel is rifled with single-point cut-rifling, an old-fashioned method that produces the most reliable results. Each pass of the cutter only removes about one ten-thousandth of an inch of steel, which is an extremely slow process but creates something close to perfection. Concentricity between bore and groove is exact and the twist rate is extremely uniform. Plus, the steel is not put under stress at any point.

Krieger barrels are lapped after reaming and again by hand after rifling, not only to improve the finish but also to set the lay of the finish in line with the direction the bullet will travel. This greatly reduces fouling and makes cleaning easier.

There's no question that Krieger rifle barrels are some of the absolute best on the market today, and we're proud to carry them at OTM Tactical.

Buying a Krieger Rifle Barrel

Our selection at OTM Tactical includes a range of low-priced Krieger barrels suitable for a variety of calibers and other criteria. Our pricing comes from our status as a top retailer in the precision shooting world, so we're able to offer them at a lower cost to you than other sellers.

If you have questions about Krieger Barrels or anything else related to the products we sell or to precision shooting in general, feel free to contact us.

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