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The high-quality rifles from Manners Composite Stocks are a great addition to any hunting enthusiast’s arsenal. Their stocks, made from 100% carbon fiber, are especially noteworthy for being powerful yet lightweight. You can acquire their chassis and stock systems online with OTM Tactical.

When you need a replacement chassis or stock system for your Manners firearm, our wide selection can get you out of a jam. We offer more than three dozen different stocks that come in a variety of colors and fit a variety of models. Everything we produce meets rigorous quality standards — our customers should accept nothing less than the best, so we do, too.

For more information on anything in our inventory, please feel free to contact us immediately. We can help you with any issues you may be experiencing or any questions you may ask.

  • Manners EH1A Manners EH1A
    This stock was designed for the long-range hunter. Depending on the inlet, the standard weight with a ½” decel pad is 26 to 28 ounces. The EH1A comes standard with the KMW Terry Cross cheek hardware. We do offer the LRI cheek hardware as an option. The EH1A comes in around 2.7-2.9 lbs with a 1/2" pad. The forend is 1.75” wide at the tip and rounded to a beaver tail that is flat and wide enough to accept a #7 / M24 barrel which is about 1.125? diameter at the tip of the stock. The grip on the stock is more of a vertical, tactical style, longer than standard with a small palm swell and overall smaller grip than our MCS-T4 stock.
  • Manners EH6A Manners EH6A
    Designed to be one of our smallest, lightest mountain stocks, but just as strong and stiff as the rest of the lineup. The EH6 has a very compact, rounded bottom, a more traditional straight grip and a high cheek to get your head up for the larger objective scopes. The adjustable cheek version is new for 2017.
  • Manners T3
    This stock has became very popular as an excellent long-range hunting/tactical stock. The standard weight is 2.6 lbs. The Elite Tactical shell version comes in around 29-31 oz. The forend is 2.40” wide at the tip and will take up to a straight taper barrel of 1.350 inches in diameter. This stock has a high cheekpiece for the bigger bell scopes and a nice palm swell. The forend and palm swell feature a molded in textured surface for a sure grip.
  • Manners T4A Manners T4A
    The MCS-T4 comes in two versions the T4A which has an adjustable cheek and the T4 with is non adjustable. The T4A comes standard with an adjustable cheek and KMW hardware. Both come standard with a fixed 1? Pachmyer Decelerator pad. They can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system and a 1/2? Pachmyer Decelerator pad . The standard weight for the T4A is 4.2 lbs.
  • T2A T2A
    This stock comes in two versions the T2A which has an adjustable cheek and the T2 that is non adjustable. The T2A comes standard with an adjustable cheek and KMW hardware. Both come standard with a fixed 1? Pachmyer Decel pad. It can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system and a Pachmyer Decelerator pad .
    At the request of GA Precision, we have redesigned our popular MCS-T2A. The bottom is now smooth and flat from the front of the trigger guard to the tip of the forend which creates a very wide flat area in front of the trigger guard. This, along with a new thumb shelf, provides added stability on barricades. The grip has not changed, it still feels a bit smaller and narrower than the T4A or PRS stocks.
  • TF1A
    When the stock is folded it is held together by a very basic rock solid locking system. The system uses a standard flush cup on the left side of the stock. In the butt, there is a push button on the right side behind the cheek, when it is depressed; it extends the locking mechanism out the left side of the stock. It is just a simple push of the button to close the system. Once closed, the button sits about .250” below the surface of the stock so that it can not be accidentally depressed. The area around the button is also recessed to allow for use with gloves. To open all you need to do is give it another push. Once the stock is opened this locking mechanism retracts back into the stock so there is no protrusions to get hung up. If the system ever needs to be serviced in the field, it is a simple procedure, just remove an internal clip and put a new unit in.