McMillan Rifles and Stock Features

OTM offers McMillan stocks at the best prices. McMillan is a reputed name in the rifle industry. How did the company originate? What is the story behind this trustworthy arms manufacturer? Well, let’s find out!

The History of McMillan

The founder, Gale McMillan, was a rifle enthusiast. He used to participate in intense bench rest shooting competitions. In the year 1973, Gale McMillan started making his own rifle stocks. He used the knowledge and experience he had gained, to modify the current design to get better results.

Soon, his co-contestants started approaching him to make rifle stocks for them.

In the year 1975, the US Marine Corps and Gale McMillan collaborated and built the first-ever modern tactical rifle - the M40A1.

With time, the company grew in size and popularity. Today, McMillan is an international group that manufactures firearms, fiberglass stocks, and much more. It focuses on customer service and overall excellence. They are committed to quality and use only the best materials to make their rifle stocks.

McMillan Stocks - Types and Colors

McMillan builds a wide variety of stocks for different applications ranging from tactical and hunting to benchrest and competition. There are two main types of McMillan stocks - (a) the ones that are manufactured with a complex fiberglass layering process and (b) the ultralight line that is manufactured with graphite. Graphite decreases the stock weight by 50%. But it provides more durability than wood. It is much stiffer as well.

Compared to other manufacturers, McMillan offers a wide variety of colors and finishes. McMillan offers stocks with high-quality, durable paint, and the stocks have a swirled or marbled finish. It is directly molded into the stock at the time of manufacture.

With McMillan, every order is a custom order. So if you want to order your stock directly from them, be prepared to wait for a good amount of time. If you cannot, you can purchase your McMillan stocks from one of their most trusted dealers.

McMillan Rifle Stock Designs

In the year 2016, McMillan launched new varieties of stocks and introduced the camo paint finish.

The new designs of hunting and sporting stocks:

Game Scout X-Bolt

The game Scout X-Bolt is available for short and long actions. It is well designed to accommodate up to #5 barrel contours. It boasts of being the only stock made for Browning X-Bolt action and can handle its unique floorplate.

Game Hunter

The Game Hunter is built to fit Remington type actions. Combine all the best features of McMillan’s hunting and sporting stocks, and the result is this product - the Game Hunter. This stock comes with a high Monte Carlo style cheekpiece. This is similar to the McMillan hunting stock that consists of an A3 vertical pistol grip, which comes from the Game Scout stock. The vertical pistol grip ensures that the transition from a tactical stock to a compact hunting stock is as smooth as possible.

The Game Hunter has a streamlined forend, designed to accommodate up to #8 barrel contours, scopes with bigger diameter bells and objective lenses can be used because of the higher cheek comb. However, Game Hunter is suitable only in the right hand.

Game Warden/Adjustable Game Warden

The Game Warden stock is similar to the Game Scout rifle stock in the sense that both have a streamlined design and an A3 vertical pistol grip. However, the Game Warden has a larger forend. So, it can accommodate up to #8 barrel contours. The Game Warden is an ambidextrous stock and fits the Remington type and Sako actions for both left and right hand.

The Adjustable Game Warden can be used only for Remington type actions.

The New Camo Paint Finish

The Transition Camo Series paint finish is extremely durable. It is similar to the spray pattern that professional tactical hunters and units look for. McMillan uses industrial-grade paint that gives the stocks a non-slip pebble finish that resembles the finish on industrial equipment, office machines, and power tools. The polyurethane paint can withstand harsh conditions and provides durability. The three color combinations available are -

· Woodland Transition – Olive, Khaki, Black and Brown

· Desert Transition – Tan, Khaki, Brown

· GAP Transition – Olive, Khaki, Black

All McMillan fiberglass stocks are made-in-USA and have a lifetime warranty.

McMillan Universal Stock line

McMillan fiberglass stocks have introduced to the market, a new series - the Universal Stock Line. The first stock in this line is the McMillan Z-1 stock.

McMillan stock features

The Z-1 stock supports a wide variety of similar actions. So, modification of the inlet is not necessary. This results in a lesser wait time while the stock is ordered.

This McMillan stock has a universal overall profile, which makes it suitable for tactical, hunting, and competition purposes.

With this product, the stock line is low. Therefore, there is no need for custom cuts in the ejection port and bolt release areas.

Another distinct feature is its ergonomic grip. Also, there is a trigger finger stop included exactly behind the trigger guard and also on both sides of the grip and thumb rest shelf, and due to the ergonomic grip and the trigger finger stop, the user gets a comfortable grip on the gun. Also, there are index points to guide the fingers of the user’s dominant hand. These features ensure consistent placement.

The Universal line of McMillan stocks come with an adjustable cheek rest.

It is expected that McMillan will offer a wide variety of bottom rail option for this stock.

Presently, the McMillan Z-1 stock caters only to the right-hand shooters. However, in the future, an ambidextrous version will also be released.

Given the above features, the newly introduced line of stocks by McMillan truly lives up to its name - the Universal line.

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