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This is the Enhanced version version of our highly successful BA Chassis System. The Matrix Chassis was designed as a the most revolutionary chassis ever produced. With the multitude of configurations in grips, thumb rests and trigger finger supports, the primary interface between the shooter and the rifle (the grip) has over 100 different options. We have developed a hand measurement chart to help identify which grip configuration may work best for each individual client. Additionally, the location of the shooters hand, closer to the bore of the rifle, provides even more variation in how the shooter can set up this chassis. Here are some of the features that make the Matrix revolutionary: 5 grip options (3 Swept and 2 Vertical) 3 thumb rest options 4 trigger finger support options M-Lok slots along the sides of the chassis fore-end Barricade Stop holes on the bottom of the fore-end Additional 2? of length to the fore-end (from our BA Chassis) Enhanced buttstock design with butt hook Standard or Enhanced Night Vision Bridge Included with each Matrix are the Vertical 2 (large) and the Swept 2. The gas pedal and all 4 trigger finger supports are also part of the default package

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