Muzzle Brakes at OTM Tactical

Every shooter is familiar with recoil and muzzle rise and the effects they can have on your follow-up shots. Muzzle brakes are popular among tactical competitive shooters for their reduction of these factors, and are generally preferred over suppressors in these scenarios. Muzzle brakes are shorter and lighter, having less of an effect on the handling of the rifle, and are less expensive as well as not being subjected to the same taxes and regulations. At OTM Tactical we include some excellent muzzle brakes in our selection.

Heathen Muzzle Brakes

The Heathen Muzzle Brake was developed by Insite Arms in an attempt to create a high-performing muzzle brake that minimizes the usual disadvantages of using one, like increased blast and disturbance of the immediate area. It has a knurled nut for a tool-free installation and is available in several diameters and calibers. OTM Tactical carries the full line of Heathen Muzzle Brakes.

Area 419 Hellfire Brakes

Area 419 Hellfire Brakes are built around a Modular Self-Timing Brake System, making them easy to install and index. It starts with a mount adapter that you attach to the end of the rifle barrel, on which the muzzle brake itself is then attached. By attaching it to the adapter, you never have to guess which direction the brake's vents will be facing once fully threaded. Hellfire Brakes are available from OTM Tactical in multiple diameters, each suitable for a range of calibers.

We also carry a universal self-timing brake adapter in 1/2-28 thread and 5/8-24 thread to assist in mounting multiple muzzle attachments.

American Precision Arms Muzzle Brakes

American Precision Arms is a very popular brand that manufactures several models of muzzle brake. Their brakes are well-regarded for effective performance and make frequent appearances in tactical competition environments. APA's muzzle brake models include the Micro Bastard, the Little Bastard, and the Fat Bastard (all sometimes abbreviated e.g. the "Micro B*"). These brakes come in gunsmith models that require back boring for installation (Generation 1) and regular models that can be attached freely (Generation 2). OTM Tactical stocks a variety of APA Muzzle Brakes covering all these models.


Final Thoughts

If you enjoy tactical competition or simply wish to reduce recoil, a muzzle brake could be right for you. Keep in mind that they do result in louder shots and varying levels of gas expulsion, but many shooters don't find this to be a problem for them. You might find it necessary to experiment with multiple brands of muzzle brake before you decide on your favorite, but thankfully they're pretty easy to switch out. You should invest in a thread protector to prevent damage to the threading on your rifle barrel when you're not using a muzzle brake or other attachment.

OTM Tactical is proud to be an authority on precision shooting and rifle builds, so please contact us if you have any questions.

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