Why The Nightforce ATACR Is Still The Best Scope Out There

The American hero Chris Kyle swears by the Nightforce ATACR optic scope. So do countless other sniping professionals. Nightforce scopes are among the best in the business. Their legendary durability is second to none and the pricey tags they command are worth the investment. Few scopes can sit atop heavy-duty snipers and keep their zeroes in the right place. 

Tracking true to their targets, the Nightforce ATACR scopes are among the best in the business. ATACR stands for Advanced TACtical Riflescope. They’ve become a popular choice in shooting sports and competitions of all kinds, and have even found themselves on military duty. 

The Nightforce ATACR scope most popular among sniping enthusiasts is the 5-25x56 model, endowed with 5-25 magnification power and a 56mm objective lens. 

Just holding it in your hand gives you a better understanding of where this scope belongs. Its heft means that you can’t slap this onto an assault rifle and aim at targets. It belongs on a magnum level rifle, a scope ready to withstand punishing recoil, shot after shot. This piece of tech is one that any sniping enthusiast would want in their arsenal. Here’s why you should seriously consider the Nightforce ATACR range of scopes for your next sniping expedition. 

Built Like A Tank

It’s not every day that you see an optic built out of aircraft-grade T-6 aluminum. While this adds to its weight, it also ensures that the scope can dish out some serious damage without being affected by recoil. 

The internal walls of the scope are built twice as thick as their competitors. But snipers don’t have to lug their heavy weapons around every couple of minutes. Once they get into position, there’s no stopping them. 

Nightforce’s ATACR was crafted with the most powerful rifles and bullets in mind. These scopes can stand their ground as the recoil slams into them, one bullet at a time. They’re built to take on water, shock, and debris without wearing out. 

Flip Between Magnification Levels With Ease

From 5x to a whopping 25x, this tough scope lets you adjust your magnification level on the fly. In fact, this Nightforce ATACR scope has a power throw lever that lets you switch from one level to another without fuss. This makes the scope a perfect tool for a marksman to switch from one target to another at different ranges. The 56mm objective lens does an impressive job of giving you a bird’s eye view of the targets. 

Anything this pricey would be outfitted with the very best glass in the arena, and the Nightforce ATACR delivers. An incredible field of view and a crystal-clear picture offered by this scope means that you can find your targets before your opponents do. The colors that greet your eye are accurate, enhancing performance and further aiding low-light capabilities. Switching to max magnification lets you scout the area and spot targets before zooming in for the shot. 

Tactical Knobs That Ensure You Hit Your Target

No matter the distance or weather condition, a seasoned sniper can adjust his weapon to compensate. And professionals will certainly be pleased with the Nightforce ATACR’s quality knobs. A windage turret lets you compensate for windy conditions. It offers snipers a total travel of 80 MOA (Minute of Angle). In addition, Nightforce ATACR scopes come with a windage stop that keeps the turret from turning over 14.5 MOA on either side once you set the zero. This keeps your shots accurate and lethal. 

A 30 MOA-per-revolution elevation turret that maxes out at 120 MOA ensures that you can hit targets thousands of yards away. Every click feels tactile between the increments of 0.25 MOA per click. The figures on the turret cap are precise with easy-to-read digits that let you focus on the matter at hand. This scope absolutely belongs on long-range precision rifles. 

With a trustworthy zero you can rely on, you can rest assured that shots hit where you want them to. These knobs ensure that you engage targets quickly while minimizing error. With precise and repeatable measurements across all its knobs, Nightforce ATACR scopes earn themselves a solid reputation.

Top-Notch Illumination System

Nightforce provides its scopes with a handy illumination system, one called Digillum. With a press of a button, you can summon green or red light across the reticle. Green reticules tend to be effective at dusk or dawn when light is sparse. Speaking of reticles, the Nightforce ATACR scopes let you dress them up with a wide range of reticules that are built for all sorts of scenarios. 

In addition, these scopes also feature a parallax knob that further minimizes error. Engraved with approximate yardage numbers, this knob lets you cut down the time you fumble with your scope, giving you an edge.

Final Thoughts

Be it a tactical competition or a hunting game, this scope is game. Nightforce hit a home run with its ATACR scopes. Its 5-25x magnification level beats out the Swarovski X5 and other rivals. Clear glass ensures that the visual performance is on point, be it with abundant light or dimmer scenarios. 

Picking off targets is made simple with easy-to-use knobs for windage and elevation. These tools take out much of the guesswork and calculation that optic scopes often ask snipers to deal with. Repeatable and reliable measurements mean that your bullet gets to its intended destination, having taken all sorts of metrics into account. 

The only real disadvantage this scope poses is its unwieldy weight, one higher than Leupold’s Mark 5HD or Swarovski’s X5. But this doesn’t affect sniping experts a great deal since sniper rifles are far from lightweight themselves. And its high price is certain to raise some eyebrows. But do your eyes a favor and invest in a solid scope to pick your targets off from thousands of yards away. You can’t really go wrong with a Nightforce ATACR scope. With a legendary reputation, its benefits far outweigh its downsides. Now set your sights onto a target!

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