How to prepare for deer season

Whether deer hunting is your passion or you just love it as a sport, here are some essential steps you need to follow to get ready for deer season.

  1. Apply for License

If you are a beginner as a hunter, the first thing you need to do is get your license or simply renew it. From Day 1 of deer hunting, you have to make sure that you have a license in advance. If you are traveling to another city, especially for deer hunting, you must have a license for that particular state. 

Why do you need to apply for another state’s license? The only reason is every state has its own protocols for deer hunting licenses, and one has to ensure to meet all of the requirements before applying. Apply/renew your license in advance, and don’t just wait for the last day of deer hunting!

  1. Deer Hunting Regulations 

Before you go on hunting for the deer, you have to cross-check all the regulations and guidelines of the state. The state regulations for deer hunting also differ from season to season. Hence, verifying and confirming the deer hunting dates and limits with the sources is vital.

  1. Pick your Spot Carefully 

Are you getting ready for the deer season? If you are a hunter lover, then you must know how important it is to have a hunting spot. Usually, hunters have private land from where they prefer to hunt. Do you have your favorite hunting spot? If not, you must choose your land or a hunting spot to hunt at least once a season. Moreover, the landowner must be aware of your hunting intentions to give you a lease on the land.

  1. Try Searching for Public Land 

In case you don’t get private land for deer hunting, start scouting for public land. We understand there come numerous challenges when you hunt from public land (chances are you’ll meet other hunters on the field). However, deer hunting is not possible if you have no land. 

You can check out the hunting area you are planning for deer hunting this season. Be it maps and topographic, take a closer look at the selected hunting area. Check the natural resources and escape routes from aerial photographs to ensure everything is in advance. When you are already aware of the land and hunting spot, you can predict when to take the right shot.

  1. Food Plots 

When you are planning for deer hunting, you have to plan for the food plots as well. Almost 78% of the average deer’s diet consists of natural vegetation, i.e., plants. This can definitely lead to this deer hunting season. For that, you have to set up the entire area like 2 acres of land must be prepared in advance for deer hunting. 

Food plots include a mix of vegetation and sugar-rich foods that deer prefer to eat during fall and winter. If your food plot is managed well, you can hunt the deer with a perfect shot. In addition, you must ensure the spot offers you enough space to set up your tree stand.

  1. Trail Cameras 

Keeping track of deer movements during hunting is the most important task of all. You have to collect photographs from different angles to understand the deer movements. Thus, you need to install trail cameras to collect lots of pictures.

You need to keep in mind before setting up trail cameras is strong and healthy trees. Find out 10 to 15 feet long trees in height to capture every movement carefully. Most importantly, it must not look like someone is spooking on them; therefore, you must set the potential targets for every 50 to 100 acres of land.

  1. Refine your Ammo 

Are you planning to hunt this season with a firearm? Well, hunting from ammo makes sense when you do it from at least 100 yards of a distance. Usually, hunters prefer to keep this distance while taking care of the weather conditions.

The most important thing you need to take care of while deer hunting is double-checking your weapon. You have to fine-tune your weapon if there’s an issue with it like loose screws, strings and cable check, nocking points, etc. Give your ammo a thorough check to ensure its condition. Moreover, you can take some extra practice shots before your target hunting.

  1. Survival Kit 

Before you go hunting, you must have a survival kit handy. No wonder what you encounter. Hence, here’s a list of items you must have in your survival kit.

  • Smartphone with a charger
  • Flashlight, lamp or both
  • Lighter
  • First aid box
  • Water bottle and food packets
  • Emergency food, medicine & water supply
  • Map, GPS & compass
  • Batteries


This is the perfect time to opt for deer hunting if you are getting ready for deer season. Just make sure you spend enough time out in the woods to understand the deer's field, movements, and feeding patterns. You must develop a new pattern that helps you lead success with your ammo or firearm this hunting season.

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