Reload! OTM Tactical's Fine Selection of Reloading Brass

Reloading Brass

OTM Tactical carries a wide selection of high-quality reloading brass for handloaders, the precision-minded folks who like to reload their own ammunition. Handloading is a good way to ensure you have the exact ammunition you need for whatever your firearm and situation demands. Plus, many handloaders find the process rewarding, both in money saved, and the satisfaction involved in doing it yourself.

Our reloading brass is available in several calibers, including 223, 6mm, 6.5mm, 308, and 7mm, various calibers matching Winchester, Remington, Creedmoor, and others. Among our selection, you'll find several highly-regarded manufacturers, including Norma, Hornady, and Lapua. We offer a wide variety so you can find the best-quality brass at a price that can fit into your budget.


What Makes the Best Brass?

There's a healthy competition among brass manufacturers that ensures high-quality results at different price points — and keeps the technology and process in a state of advancement. Generally, what you need to know is that reloadable brass cartridges need to have an ideal balance of hardness without becoming too hard and suffering cracks. Additionally, different parts of each cartridge need to have different hardness levels in order to get the best results. Overall durability and lifespan are all affected by this balance.

Another important consideration is tolerance, and how uniform the brass is from one cartridge to another. The best brass manufacturers keep tight control over their manufacturing standards to ensure the reliability and long life of their cartridges.


The benefits of reloading brass

Whether you're just getting into hand-reloading or you've been an expert for years, in our catalog you can find the right brass for your firearm and budget. Our premium reloading brass will give you a much better experience than lower-grade retail brass.

If you have any questions or need more information — whether about our brass or anything else related to precision shooting — please feel free to contact the experts at OTM Tactical so we can help you out!

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