Understanding the Remington Model 7 Hunting Rifle

History of Remington Model 7 

The Remington Model 7 is a popular hunting rifle model created by Remington. It was made to be a bolt-action rifle and was made available in various calibers and finishes. Some defined this model as a compact short action model of Remington Model 700. 

It was meant to be a form of replacement for their discontinued Model 600. It weighed more than 6 pounds barely and was around a meter in length. Adored by riflemen of the time, it was priced at around $445.95 per piece.

It was revived in 2016 as Remington Model 7 Magnum LS. It made many of the fans astonished with its sleek feel and balance. It was absolutely like a carbine version of Remington Model 700 but with a much shorter action. 

Specifications of Remington Model 7

Name: Remington Model 7 Series

Type: Bolt Action Rifle, Repeater Type

Calibre: .222 Remington, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, .300 Winchester Short Magnum, .308 Winchester, .350 Remington Magnum

Total Length: 39.3 inches (100 centimeters)

Barrel Length: 20 inches (51 centimeters)

Total Weight: 6.5 pounds (2.9 Kilograms)

Capacity: 4-Round Internal magazine (when using standard caliber) (3-round when using 7mm-08 Remington caliber)

Sights: Can be drilled or tapped depending on preference for scope

Stock: Checkered select walnut, Synthetic Polymer, Laminated Stock Custom Wood type

Stock and Body Finish: Satin Finish, Laser Design Finish


Design Architecture of Remington Model 7

Remington Model 7 displays a front locking system along with a two-lug action with a bolt lift. The gun barrel is made in a free-floating form that results in it having a short luck time. The receiver of the gun has been filed through the use of bar stock. The recoil rug is formed out of a steel washer. The recoil rug is placed amidst the steel and rifle barrel.

Its receiver and bolt action loading are more or less based upon the action of Model 700. However, Remington Model 7 is around half the total length of the Remington Model 700. It is lightning fast in close combat and displays high accuracy when used for long shots. It displays its best capabilities while being used in heavily covered forested areas.

This rifle provides an attractive combination in its bolt body. It is entirely an engine-turned model that incorporates a blued bolt handle. The recessed bolt face, forward receiver ring, and breech end of the barrel form a combination known as “Three Rings of Steel.” This combination contributes to the action strength displayed by the Remington Model 7 rifle.

Usage Reviews

Weight of the Remington Model 7 is a well-appreciated fact. All the variations of this series have a weight ranging from 6.5 – 7.8 pounds. The lightweight body, while maintaining the overall balance, makes it extremely favorable to avid close quarters, superb hunters. Especially the hunters preferring to hunt on horseback find it very comfortable to have reduced load while not losing efficiency and accuracy.

The stock of Remington Model 7 has seen many variations, such as smooth finish walnut wood stock, Synthetic polymer stock with checkered laser finishing, etc. The stock has the classic school style when using satin finish walnut wood stock, with a straight comb and a cheekpiece on the left side. 

On the other hand, Stock’s checkered finish is useful when hunting in wet and humid weather. The stock can be enhanced by using a recoil pad to minimize the recoil impact. The recoil pad might make the rifle heavier, especially for the lighter versions of Remington Model 7. 

Magazine of Remington Model 7 has often garnered a few complaints. Most popular complaints are the seemingly overwhelming of the magazine when using three 7mm caliber bullets. Often the users had to close an empty chamber with only two bullets. When using three bullets, sometimes the bolt action completely ejected the bullet from the rifle itself. This issue was addressed in the new Remington Model 7 SS HS-Precision.

While the previous models of Remington used the standard single trigger, the new models use the X-Mark Externally Adjustable Pro-Trigger system. This is especially seen in the new Remington Model 7 SS HS-Precision. Even a casual newbie shooter knows that trigger is the place where the shooter interferes with the physics of the gun. If the trigger is faulty, then no matter how accurate and efficient the rest of the rifle body is made, the ultimate result will be a failure. The previous models had a slight defect as they often allowed the gun to go off when disabling the safety. The new X-Mark Pro-Trigger system deals with this problem efficiently.

The shorter barrel length of the Remington series has made them a preferred choice for many hunting fans. In previous times, lighter rifles signified the loss of accuracy and efficiency. 

However, Remington Model 7 Series has completely gone against this notion, especially the new Remington Model 7 SS HS-Precision. Its manufacture quality control and ammunition propellant technology have witnessed enormous improvements. This makes it stand toe to toe with the biggest, longest, and heaviest rifles available.

Remington Model 7 Ushers in a New Age

Remington Model 7 series rifles have proven themselves one of a kind with their continuous improvements that have made them such favorites of the hunting community. They are very light-weight and sophisticated while being easy to use at the same time. 

They are best suited to hunt in thick foliage and are the finest dense cover rifles you want to be carrying while going for a trek. For newbies to enter into hunting as a hobby, this would be a very good investment.

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