Who Makes the Best Rifle Barrel?

Who Makes the Best Rifle Barrel?


As we discussed previously on our blog, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new rifle barrel. One thing we didn't go over was the manufacturer. Every rifle barrel manufacturer has its strengths, so depending on the type of shooting you do, you may find that you prefer one manufacturer over another. However, you can be assured that every rifle barrel we carry is of the highest quality available. Here's a breakdown of the manufacturers we source our barrels from.

Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein barrels are extremely popular, and it's easy to see why. Bartlein uses cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing process, allowing them to consistently produce top-quality, reliable barrels with twist rates accurate to the 4th decimal point. Groove and bore dimensions are also consistent. Champion shooters all over the world choose stainless steel Bartlein barrels and report them as very accurate and resistant to buildup of copper.

Hawk Hill Custom Barrels

Hawk Hill barrels are highly respected among gunsmiths as well as shooters and are also used by champions worldwide. Hawk Hill runs a smaller shop and maintains tight quality control throughout its manufacturing process. They use only the absolute best stainless steel and closely monitor every step, from rifling to hand-lapping. From start to finish, these barrels are made with care by people who have a passion for what they do. OTM Tactical is one of the very few retailers who carry Hawk Hill Custom barrels.

Krieger Barrels

Krieger barrels are another favorite among competitive shooters. Krieger takes a slow and steady approach to manufacturing in order to produce very precise barrels without stressing the steel. They use single-point cut-rifling which removes steel at a rate of .0001 inch every pass. This means it takes hundreds of passes to rifle a single barrel, but the result is as close to perfect as you can get regarding concentricity between the groove and bore and uniformity of the twist rate. Plus, it doesn't stress the metal— and to further ensure unstressed steel, barrels are cryogenically treated as well. The end result is that Krieger barrels are some of the straightest, truest barrels on the market.


So, who makes the best rifle barrel? Like we said before, it's up to your needs and personal experience. Everyone has their preferences, and competitions have been won with rifles equipped with different caliber barrels from every manufacturer on this list. They're all the best, in some ways, but ultimately that choice is up to you.

Here's some help choosing a new rifle barrel. Need more assistance? Please contact us!

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