Rifle Bottom Metal

Precision shooters are always on the lookout for ways to customize their rifle to their ideal setup, and for those using a Remington 700 footprint the bottom metal is something that can't be missed. Installing new bottom metal basically lets you choose how your rifle loads and unloads, and presents a significant upgrade if you're still using an ADL model.


BDL Bottom Metal

Unlike the blind magazine of ADL, BDL bottom metal has a hinged floor plate that allows you to feed rounds into the bottom, as well as unload the rifle by letting the rounds drop out as opposed to needing to eject them one by one with the bolt. This cuts down on loading and unloading time, which can be important in situations where every second counts.

OTM Tactical carries long- and short-action BDL bottom metal engineered by manufacturers Hawkins and Williams. We select our products with precision and reliability in mind, and these high-quality BDL systems won't come open under recoil the way inferior designs have been known to do. We also have magazine springs and Remington magazine boxes for BDL models.


DBM Bottom Metal

Another option is DBM bottom metal, i.e. detachable box magazine. It's exactly what it sounds like— with a DBM, you can convert your rifle to take box-fed ammunition. The DBM bottom metals we carry have the magazine release built into the trigger guard and accessible with your trigger finger by both right- and left-handed shooters. We prefer this setup for the magazine release because it eliminates the presence of a tab that could get snagged on clothing or surroundings and cause an accidental release.

The DBM bottom metal carried by OTM Tactical includes systems designed and manufactured by KMW, American Precision Arms, H S Precision, and Surgeon, in both long- and short-action.


Converting Your Rifle

Depending on your current rifle, you may need to alter the stock to accept new bottom metal through inletting. Take a look through our catalog to view the different options we carry and check out the individual product specifications.

If you need help deciding or have any questions about getting started, contact the precision shooting experts at OTM Tactical and we'll put our knowledge to use for you!

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