Top barrel makers ruling the market in current times

Who are the top rifle barrel makers?

A rifle barrel or a gun barrel is a simple yet crucial part of a gun that is indispensable for the precision required to succeed in long-range shooting. The barrel solely contributes to the level of accuracy in shooting. A poor-quality gun with a barrel will shoot more accurately than a high-quality gun without a barrel.

For all the shooting enthusiasts out there, let’s know about some of the top rifle barrel manufacturers and their products:

  • Criterion Barrels:

It was originally found as a button-rifled alternative to Krieger Barrels. Criterion Barrels is especially known for its production of match-grade vintage military rifles. These are specially made for the Civilian Marksmanship Program and Fulton Armory. 

The most important advantage of these barrels is that they can be removed and installed very easily. An experienced rifle builder switches pre-fit barrels in 20-30 minutes. 

  • Bartlein Barrels:

Bartlein Barrels manufactures some of the finest single-point cut rifled barrels in existence. Their ability to effectively regulate twists provides rifle builders with an opportunity to order their barrels. Bartlein is used by various custom rifle builders, including PRS giants like GA Precision and Area 419.

Bartlein offers a bore and groove tolerance of +.0005, a groove uniformity of +.0001/-.0000, and a twist consistency carried to the fourth decimal point. Bartlein barrel provides a practical twist, which allows the rifle builders to order their barrel with ‘T’ style rifling.

  • Krieger Barrels:

Krieger barrel is used as the standard by which all other barrels are measured and judged. Krieger barrel has a cutting-edge battle manufacturing experience of over 35 years and it continues to maintain a strong presence in High Power, Benchrest, F-Class, and PRS disciplines. 

Krieger barrel shooters have achieved many national and world records including the world’s smallest group ever fired in competition. It has also made developments recently to its single-cut rifling production process by reducing custom blank lead times to a mere three months. Krieger Barrels has also created a “Krieger Direct” program featuring finished blanks and pre-fit barrels.

  • Proof Research:

Found in 2012, Proof Research is a newbie in the market. The above-mentioned barrel manufacturers have their own origin story and have a shared history, whereas Proof Research is an entirely different kind. It is one of the first manufacturers to effectively leverage carbon fiber wrapping technology in the barrel manufacturing process.

Proof Research’s Advanced Composites Division develops and supplies high-temperature solutions and products. The carbon fiber-wrapped technology comes in handy on lightweight hunting rifles.

  • Rock Creek Barrels:

Rock Creek Barrels are made in Albany, WI. It is a well-known name for high-quality rifle barrels. They have 7 twin spindle drills, 2 twin spindle reamers, and 5 twin spindle rifles. Unlike the above-mentioned barrel makers who usually specialize in one rifling method (either button or single cut rifling), Rock Creek offers either rifling solution.

Rock Creek has a fine reputation as a quality barrel manufacturer and is well known as an OEM supplier.

  • MullerWorks:

MullerWorks is owned and operated by Dan Muller and Andy Benz. It is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer and it has recently split into two separate companies. Dan Muller has been in the rifle business for nearly 20 years and has been making both cut and button rifle barrels.

All MullerWorks barrels are made from 416R stainless steel manufactured in the United States.

  • Masterpiece Arms:

Masterpiece Arms purchased Spencer rifle barrels in June 2013 and provided them with the in-house capability required to produce world-class rifle barrels. The methods of Clay Spencer are followed with precision while manufacturing barrels. 

The methods of Clay have developed almost around 30 years ago. The barrels have set over 43 world records and won 75 major matches and National Championships.

Masterpiece Arms’ collection boasts a wide array of products ranging from top-cocking MAC-10 derivatives to some of their own finest line of sound suppressors. These can be purchased to install on custom rifle lines or acquired separately as a contoured barrel blank.

  • Benchmark Barrels:

Benchmark Barrels are considered as long-time favorites of PRS Competitors and one of the top rifle barrel manufacturers. It uses only the highest quality 416R and 4140R carbon steel in the manufacturing process of the product. The barrels are individually double hand lapped to the bore. The barrel blank uses 5R rifling. It ensures that their barrel is the finest. Benchmark Barrels produces barrel blanks in a variety of calibers, grooves, counts and twist rates.

  • Hawk Hill Custom:

Their products are considered the best in the market. Hawk Hill Custom Barrels are 4 groove single points cut-rifled, hand-lapped, and made using the highest-grade gun barrel quality stainless steel available. These can be used for hunting, Tactical shooting, and Benchrest competition.

  • Brux Barrels:

The founder and owner of Brux Barrel are Norm Brux. He founded the company in 2006. It is a Wisconsin-based single-point cut rifle manufacturer. Brux Barrel relies on skill, experience, and high-quality material to produce their world-class and record-setting barrels. 

It is a renowned name in the world of F-class led by skilled and sponsored shooters.

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