Bix'n Andy: High-End Triggers for the Discerning Marksman

Bix'n Andy Triggers and Trigger Shoes

We're proud to only carry the best at OTM Tactical. We live and breathe competitive shooting and have a deep passion for discovering the best of the best rifle parts, upgrades, and accessories. Our mission is to bring the marksmanship community the finest products by collecting them in our online store. It's our hope that we can serve as your one-stop-shop for top-tier rifle upgrades and information about them to help you make your decision.

One of the awesome manufacturers you'll find in our online catalog is Bix'n Andy, an Austrian company that makes some truly top-of-the-line triggers. Let's learn more about them.

About Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Kufstein, Austria. In the past 27 years, they've developed a more-than-worthy reputation as manufacturers of innovative and reliable rifle parts. In 2004, Bix'n Andy patented a unique trigger design that they developed with the goal of outperforming Timney and Jewell triggers. It's a matter of opinion and personal preference as to how well Bix'n Andy has achieved this goal, but most shooters who try one of their triggers never go back to the other brands.

Bix'n Andy triggers use a ball-bearing system that provides an ultra-fast unlock time with a very low reset force. Pull weight is adjustable between 1.5 lbs. all the way down to 1 oz. and always maintains a remarkable consistency within 0.03 oz. The top sear is the lowest in the industry. The result is a highly customizable, incredibly smooth and crisp trigger that has well earned the nickname "the Ferrari of triggers." Bix'n Andy triggers have helped numerous shooters set world records and have an astonishingly low failure rate. Each trigger is handmade using advanced manufacturing and machining processes.

OTM Tactical carries Bix'n Andy triggers for the Remington 700 footprint, available with optional safety and your choice of single- or two-stage. A single-stage trigger is the "normal" trigger every shooter knows, while a two-stage trigger implements a second "break wall" that gives you more tactile feedback. It's up to you which is more comfortable.

Purpose and Usage of Trigger Shoes

Bix'n Andy also makes trigger shoes, which are a trigger attachment that serves to widen the trigger and offer more purchase to your finger. Generally, trigger shoes make the pull feel a bit lighter and help with more confident shooting. However, be careful using a trigger shoe on any gun that requires quick usage, as the decreased weight and wider trigger surface makes accidental discharge a lot easier.

Where to Buy Bix'n Andy Triggers and Trigger Shoes

OTM Tactical is extremely pleased to offer Bix'n Andy triggers and trigger shoes at low prices. We have a wide selection of Remington 700-based triggers with and without safety and in different configurations. We stand by all the products we offer and we feel confident that Bix'n Andy will meet your expectations.

Check out our selection and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We'll be happy to help you hit your target, figuratively and literally.

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